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☀️ How A Suntan Can PREVENT Skin Cancer! – by Dr Sam Robbins

☀️ How A Suntan Can PREVENT Skin Cancer! – by Dr Sam Robbins

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How A Suntan Can PREVENT Skin Cancer!

I can go on and on about how IMPORTANT the sun is and how beneficial having a tan is for your overall physical and mental health.

The sun does NOT cause melanoma or any other kind of fatal cancer. Many dermatologists warn that it does, but have ZERO scientific evidence to back up their statement. The sun is your FRIEND … but with anything good, a little goes a long way, so don’t over do it.

For the most part, sunscreen doesn’t do much of anything other than preventing a tan – but NOT preventing wrinkles!

Sunglasses can be VERY bad for your eyes, UNLESS you wear the full-spectrum protection ones. The sun does not cause cataracts or other visual problems. The infrared rays from incandescent light bulbs are probably the main cause of cataracts. Use full-spectrum fluorescent lights in your home and office.
The Sun Does NOT Cause Skin Cancer

The past president of the American Academy of Dermatology once said, “Sunscreens are an essential weapon in the fight against skin cancer.” That’s just completely FALSE and there is no scientific justification for such a statement and the REAL scientist and researchers KNOW this.

The type of skin cancer most people are worried about is called “malignant melanoma”. Most dermatologists say or imply that excess sunlight (or ANY kind of sunlight) will cause this disease. Of course, they have NO facts to back it up and most try not to say it, but rather “imply” it.

The REAL scientific fact is that the LACK of ADEQUATE sunlight is a very strong factor in the development of melanoma. Again, I just don’t have enough room in this one article to get into all the facts …

But the sun helps produce a variety of very beneficial hormones, all needed to FIGHT DISEASE. It also helps the body with creating and absorbing Vitamin D … which is needed to absorb Calcium and other important vitamins and minerals … which help to reduce the acidity, alkalize the body and help with proper blood PH (all PROVEN to reduce cancer!).

Every Organism On The Planet NEEDS The Sun

What most people don’t understand is that every single organism on this planet NEEDS the sun to function. Even in the deepest oceans, where sunlight does NOT get to the bottom … the animals eat various vegetation that falls from the top of the ocean, down to the bottom of the sea.photosynthesis_ocean

Sunscreen Won’t Prevent Wrinkles

Did you know that over the past 25 years, skin cancer has been on the rise … and MUCH higher in those that USE SUNSCREEN and parts of the world that don’t receive much sun (like Canada for example)?!!

Basically, here’s how it works: Most sunscreens filter out ultraviolet B rays, which cause the majority of the tanning. Unfortunately, these sunscreens do NOT filter UV A rays very well – and THOSE are the main rays believed to contribute to skin wrinkling and damage.

The so-called “sun protection factor” (SPF) that you read on bottles … are anywhere between 2 to 45, but all they are doing is preventing you from getting a tan, NOT from reducing wrinkles! Of course, nobody tells you this because the sunscreen industry is a multi-BILLION dollar a year business.

NOTE: If you’re going to use sun screen, use one that is “full spectrum UVA/UVB/UVC sunscreen.

I know most people have been BRAIN WASHED into thinking the sun is “bad”. Or that “there is no such thing as a healthy tan”. Do what you want, it’s your body – but I’m just reporting on the FACTS!

Your body is made to function better because of it.

The real problem of “sun damage” is when an individual doesn’t go in the sun for a few weeks or months or all winter and the first sign of sunlight, they run to the beach and lay out for hours on end. That’s just ABUSE for your skin.

All you need is about 20-30 minutes of good sunlight every day and you’ll be healthy. Don’t EVER burn.

Take it from a person who has been tanning NON STOP for 20+ years … who has NO wrinkles (well, barely anyway…), nor moles or anything else weird on my skin.
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