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✂️ Less Than 48 Hours Left Of My Birthday Sale
Earlier this week, I mentioned how it was recently my birthday and as a reminder, my birthday gift to YOU, is a special, one-time, 25% discount coupon on any and all of my health solutions.

As stated in my previous video, each day I will also quickly let you know about a couple of my most popular and effective health solutions, just in case you didn’t know they existed and that you may benefit from.

If you want to use them because they’re convenient and speed up your results in achieving your healthy goals, great.

If you don’t want to – no problem because today I’ll also give you links to my most popular YouTube videos about today’s health solutions – simple life-style changes that will cost you no money.

With that said, today’s focus is on Heart Health Solutions

These I created specifically for my parents because I have a family history of heart attacks and strokes.

And thus, I focused on the 3 biggest causes of heart disease.
The first is improving your cholesterol and lipid levels, which is why I first created CholesLo for my parents, back in 1999.

They had too many negative side-effects with the cholesterol lowering, statin drugs. So I formulated CholesLo because it helps promote
Health cholesterol levels – not high or low
Optimal HDL/LDL ratios – which is even more important than total cholesterol
Lowers fatty triglycerides
Improves homocysteine levels
Repairs and cleanses the liver, where over 80% of your cholesterol is formed and NOT from the foods you eat.

Thus, CholesLo is an all-in-one solution for improving all of your lipid levels, NOT just “improving total cholesterol”, which is what 99% of drugs and supplements do.
Blood Pressure Optimizer
Another major cause of a heart attack or stroke is high blood pressure. In fact, hypertension is called the “silent killer” because most adults have some form of high blood pressure and don’t even know it. Sadly, the older you get, the worse it is.

Which is why I formulated Blood Pressure Optimizer. My mom uses this one more than my dad.

Blood Pressure Optimizer promotes healthy blood pressure and improved systolic and diastolic numbers by
Relaxing and dilating your arterial walls
Improving both the strength AND elasticity of your veins
Support proper water balance and stress levels

The truth is, I believe high blood pressure to be an even bigger problem than cholesterol levels.

Blood Flow Optimizer
Lastly, all of this means nothing if you have poor blood flow circulation.

If you have plaque and calcium buildup in your arteries.

If your veins have shrunk and less blood, oxygen and nutrients are getting to all of your cells, muscles, heart and brain.

And this is why I formulate Blood FLOW Optimizer.

I mentioned it in Monday’s video about guys using it to improve blood flow to their penis, for harder, fuller erections.

Which is a major benefit.

However, with better blood flow you’ll also have better brain function, memory, sleep and of course, a healthier heart.

All of this helps you avoid a heart attack, stroke and dementia.

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