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🍊 The Most Powerful Fruit For Lowering Blood Pressure – by Dr Sam Robbins

🍊 The Most Powerful Fruit For Lowering Blood Pressure – by Dr Sam Robbins

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💖 One Of The Most Powerful Fruits For Lowering Blood Pressure


One of my favorite heart-health fruits is Pomegranate. It’s not very popular in America, but it’s widely used in the Middle East, Asia and the Mediterranean. Which incidentally, all 3 regions are known for having lower heart disease and blood pressure.

This amazing fruit not only tastes good, but has a multitude of health benefits that can help you lower your blood pressure and ensure the health of your heart and arteries. (2)

Helps regulate blood pressure.
Powerful Antioxidant effect.
Helps clear artery blockages.
Lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol.
Can help with various healthy conditions (erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, kidney disease and more).

How It Works
A compound found only in pomegranates is called punicalagin (pu-nee-kal-ah-gin). It has been shown to offer benefits for the heart and blood vessels. Punicalagin is responsible for pomegranate’s antioxidant and health benefits. (3)

It not only lowers blood pressure and increases the speed at which heart blockages caused by atherosclerosis are removed, it also lowers bad cholesterol.

Studies have been done on patients with severe carotid (ker-ah-tid) artery blockages. They were given an ounce of pomegranate juice each day for a year. Amazingly, the patient’s blood pressure lowered by 12%, and there was a 30% reduction in atherosclerotic plaque, meaning the arteries were cleared (1).

More studies have shown that potent antioxidant compounds found in pomegranates reduce platelet aggregation and naturally lower blood pressure, factors that prevent both heart attacks and strokes (2).

Side-Effects & Warnings
As far as negative side-effects, there aren’t any. However, drinking fruit juice – whether it’s from an orange or pomegranate – isn’t a good idea because of a few factors.

Sugar increases blood pressure and fruit sugar, fructose is the worst.
Fruit juice, including pomegranate, has a high glycemic index and thus, it spikes up your blood sugar and insulin levels. This in turn can increase stomach fat, diabetes and yes, blood pressure levels.

Eating the actual fruit is best, including the seeds. It has additional fiber, healthy fats and many other benefits. However, this is a messy fruit and 95% of people will not eat it and pick apart all the little pomegranate seeds.

Ideally, you would take Pomegranate Fruit Extract, at a 5:1 ratio at 200 mgs daily. That’s the clinically proven extract and dosage for improving your blood pressure levels.3

How To Get Much Better & Safer Results

One thing to remember is you never want to use only ONE ingredient to achieve a health goal. This is because your body will quickly adapt and the ingredient will stop working.

This means you’ll need to use a higher and higher dosage — which will eventually lead to negative side-effects.

Of course, this makes sense because you don’t only eat ONE type of vegetable (broccoli) all the time for total health, right?…

Additionally, whatever is causing the health problem – in this case, “high blood pressure”, is NEVER from only ONE cause — it’s usually multiple reasons.

And that’s why you want to “attack” the problem using multiple mechanisms.

Research has shown that Pomegranate extract works much better, when utilized with other complementary ingredients, for dramatically improved blood pressure and total heart-health.

Clinically proven ingredients to use with Pomegranate extract is:
Magnesium “blend” (glycinate, malate, citrate, etc.)
English Hawthorn Berry Extracts (standardized to 3.2% vitexin-2-rhamnosides and 2% flavonoids)
Grape Seed Extract (MegaNatural®-BP 85% Total Phenolics)
Celery Seed Extract (85% 3nB; 42.5% phthalides)
Lycopene Extract (5%)
L-Arginine (L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate)

The special synergy between these correct “stack of ingredients”, creates a much safer and more effective solution.
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