🍌Doing This Exercise WRONG Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction & Ruin Your Sex Life

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How To Boost Your Testostosterone Levels & Fix Erectile Problems

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🍌Doing This Exercise WRONG Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction & Ruin Your Sex Life
One of my most popular and shared videos on youtube, with about 20 million views… revealed the #1 exercise for preventing erectile dysfunction and improving your “performance” in the bedroom.

As a bonus benefit, this simple exercise – which can be performed anywhere, at any time… even while watching this video right now… is also great for prostate health and incontinence — which is the loss of bladder control

I’ll give you the direct link to this original video in a couple of minutes… However, this exercise I’m referring to is called, Kegels.

Which can be performed by both men and women

And it’s simply the act of strengthening your perineal muscles… which is the muscle between your genitals and anas.

And the way you do this, as described in my original video, is that you just pretend you are holding in gas by contracting your anus. Or when you’re peeing… when you stop the pee midstream, that’s how the perineal muscle gets contracted.

HOWEVER, I bring up today’s topic because someone emailed me in a panic saying

Dr Sam… I love you, but I’m freaking out. I started doing the kegels you mentioned in your video. It works super great. I also started adding the supplements you mentioned, and I’m feeling awesome. I was getting crazy morning erections.

BUT, now… the past few weeks, I’m having major erection problems. I’ve been kegeling every day, sometimes twice daily for 30 minutes each time. Like a “double split” workout. But doc, things just keep getting worse. I really have a hard time getting hard – if you know what I mean. No more morning erections. I also stopped taking AlphaViril and I’m thinking of doing even more kegels to strengthen things even more. You know, like going to the gym, giving more attention to a weak body part. Please help me ASAP, this is causing problems with my girlfriend since we haven’t had sex in a couple of weeks.

It’s interesting how guys think. If a little works, they do more and more and more. And then if things don’t work, they do even more and try to FORCE it.

So, the problem is you have basically “over trained” your perineal muscles by doing TOO many kegels.

Basically, too many sets, too many reps, too much volume.

Thus, that entire area is just tired. It’s stressed out and thus, it is now weaker and can actually shrink in size.

It’s no different than a muscle like your biceps or chest.

You train it, then you must back off, rest and recuperate and let the muscles get stronger, grow in size and build more stamina and so forth.

Trust me, I think most people do this. They start to see positive results and then they do more to try and speed up the process. And when that doesn’t work, they do even MORE to force progress.

You shouldn’t force anything in the body. Don’t over-stress it out.

You can only set the correct foundation and environment, and then let your body do the rest, naturally.

So, my suggestion is you STOP doing your kegels for at least one week. I suggest two weeks.

Let the area rest and let your body’s hormones optimize again.

Then, start back up and follow the exercise pattern, sets and reps I mentioned in my original videos about this.

WHEN people follow my instructions and my “prescription”, they get great results – both short and more importantly, LONG-term.

Plus, you put less effort and you save more time.l

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