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How my uncle naturally lowered his blood sugar, lost 34lbs and reversed his diabetes:
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🍬 7 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar & Help Prevent & Reverse Diabetes
Today I’m going quickly list the 7 best foods that are clinically proven to lower your blood sugar… And help prevent or even reverse your diabetes.

1 – Vegetables

There are lots of different diet — low carbs, high fat, vegetarian, mediterranean, etc. And, they all work to a certain degree.

2 – Fatty Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet – especially the fatty ones because they are low in heavy metals and high in essential omega-3-fatty acids

They’re also a great source of protein.

Now, they’re good for your heart and blood sugar because they reduce inflammation and blood sugar – even when eaten with carbs such as white rice.2-5

3 – Nuts
Raw nuts taste great and are good for you. They’re high in fiber, very low in carbs and contain healthy, essential fats.6-8

All of this helps reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar, A1C and Cholesterol levels.

4 – Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is extremely beneficial for heart health and blood sugar.

It contains oleic acid… This is a type of monounsaturated fat that has been shown to improve triglycerides and HDL, which are often at unhealthy levels in type 2 diabetes.

It also increase the fullness hormone, GLP-1.9 This reduces your cravings, especially for sugars.

5 – Seeds

Raw seeds such as flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and sesame seeds have lots of health benefits. They’re very high in fiber and full of amazing minerals and vitamins.

They’re proven to help

Decrease your risk for heart disease 10
Improve your blood sugar levels 11
Reduce your A1C levels 11
Improve blood flow and circulation 12

6 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and lower fasting blood sugar levels. It may also reduce blood sugar response by as much as 20% when consumed with meals containing carbs. 13-15

7 – Berries

Most people are told not to have sugar, especially fructose which is the sugar found in fruit. To a certain degree, this is correct.

So those are the 7 foods clinically proven to lower your blood sugar.

However, there’s one category even more powerful…
Herbs, Plants & Extracts

Even though today’s topic is about food… there are specific plants, herbs, spices and extracts which can have dramatically positive effects on your blood sugar — much more than food.

And if you want the truth, plants and herbs are food and probably one the most important categories of food.

And specific plants, herbs and extracts can have drug-like results, but without any of the negative side-effects.

Which, shouldn’t be surprising because most drugs, well over 50%, are actually based on plants and herbs found in nature.

The pharmaceutical companies change the original structure, patent them and make billions. Unfortunately, in the process of changing the natural structure, they also create side-effects.

Anyway, my favorite are Bitter Melon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Fenugreek, Banaba Leaf and Cinnamon Extract.18-21


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🍬 7 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar & Help Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

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