🍬 Metformin – Serious Problems & Natural Alternatives – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🍬 Metformin – Serious Problems & Natural Alternatives
A few years ago my uncle was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was quickly prescribed Metformin, also known as Glucophage.

I told him immediately NOT to take this drug and I’ll tell you why in a minute …

However, he refused to listen to me and said “my doctor told me I have to take this, probably the rest of my life, or else I’ll have to start taking insulin shots and I hate needles”.

Of course, this is what doctors do – prescribe drugs. They are legal drug pushers, no different than the street drug dealer pushing narcotics.

His doctor never asked what he ate, what my uncle should eat… No talk about exercise, supplements, stress management or anything else that will naturally improve his blood sugar, which would be the only REAL long-term solution … and NOT a drug that’s loaded with negative side-effects.

And trust me, I’m not against drugs – I just hate it when they are the FIRST and usually the ONLY solution a doctor will give you.

Now, in regards to Metformin – this is a drug that I personally took in around 1992 to improve my blood sugar and insulin sensitivity – so I can gain more muscle and lose fat.

In fact, many of my clients and professional athletes used this drug for the same reasons.

Additionally, Metformin is known to have anti-aging benefits as well…

So for me, it was a double bonus.

However, within days I felt the negative side-effects and so did my friends and clients.

Immediately, I started to feel unwell — stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn, headaches and so forth.

I just felt slow and sluggish…

But, I kept pushing and kept taking the drug, hoping the negative side-effects would dissipate over time.

And some of them did… or, maybe I just tolerated them better.

However, over time there were more serious side-effects.

For me and a few of my friends and clients, was kidney problems – which is a known side-effects of the drug.

Poor kidney function can also lead to elevated blood pressure, which it did in other people I knew and later, liver problems as well.

Remember, even though your kidneys and liver have different roles, they DO work WITH each other. As one weakens, so will the other.

Mind you, NONE of us took the recommended dosage for diabetics, we took half the dose. Just imagine how much worse it is for diabetics taking the full dosage?!!…

Which in fact, is why most users of Metformin typically do not refill their prescriptions and rarely use the drug for more than a few months.

YET, it’s one of the most prescribed drugs for diabetics, other than later prescribing insulin shots.

Additional side-effects of Metformin are heart problems and lactic acidosis – which is a very serious problem and very common with Metformin.

Which has caused many deaths with this drug.

In fact, drinking alcohol or taking any drug that puts strain on your liver or kidneys, magnifies this side-effect.

… So to make a long story short, we all gave up on this drug and I later discovered various herbs, vitamins and minerals that when combined together – had much better benefits, no side-effects and yes, still had the anti-aging benefits.

You can get more detail about these natural alternatives to Metformin below this video, in the description area.

However, don’t go there just yet… I’m not done with the story.

So about a year later I was at a family wedding and I saw my uncle again and ask him how he was doing.

He said “I’m doing okay, I’m eating less sugars and I’ve improved my diet and walking daily. My blood sugar has improved, but it’s still high and so is my A1C levels. My doctor isn’t very happy and neither is my wife.”

I then asked about Metformin and his dosage and he said “oh, you were right… I got off of it. My kidneys weren’t working well because of it and my doctor decided to switch me to another drug and I had problems with that, so I decided to just stop taking everything and let my body heal”.

And to make a long story short – he is no longer diabetic. No drugs. No insulin and NO needles!

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