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🍽️ Best Eating Guide To Permanent Fat Loss – PART 2 – by Dr Sam Robbins

🍽️ Best Eating Guide To Permanent Fat Loss – PART 2 – by Dr Sam Robbins

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The Real Secret To Permanent Fat Loss – Part 1:
👉 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY2ePi24NHc&index=49&list=PLkoAH5env5qUqnwlj5qijVO6PSw1A2esS



🍽️The Real Secret To Permanently Fat Loss
Today I’m going to give you the best eating guide to permanent fat loss. This is part 2. I urge you to please watch part 1 first, which was called “The Real Secret To Permanent Fat Loss”. And there’s a link to that video below, in the description area.

So, assuming you’ve watched part 1, I’m going to just dive right in and get started.

The Best EATING Plan For FAT Loss
Today I’ll be discussing the best EATING plan. Nothing to do with exercise, stress management, your mind set or supplements. That’s in the next series of videos

Secondly, your focus MUST always be on FAT loss and NOT “weight” loss.

Most people do lose weight with most “plans”, but it’s typically mostly water and valuable muscle loss. It starts off as fat loss, but quickly your body adapts, your hormones fall part and then the muscle starts to disappear at a rapid pace.

This is NOT what you want. This is why over 97% of diets fail. This is why most people gain all the weight back and more, most of it being fat.

Best For YOU

And that’s why today’s eating guide will give you flexibility, which will work into YOUR lifestyle. Remember, if something requires too much willpower, time, effort or money – it won’t be followed long term.

And thus, today I’m going to focus more on the proven shortcuts that are going to make fat loss happen much faster and easier for you.

And the word “proven” means something that’s backed with scientific evidence and data.

However, much more importantly for me, what’s proven to work in the REAL world, for MOST people, MOST of the time – LONG TERM.

Don’t Drink Your Calories
You must stop immediately drinking anything with calories! This includes, but not limited to:

All juices (fruit, etc.)
Alcohol (yes, WINE too!)
Protein shakes and “smoothies”
Coffee “drinks”, etc.

These are easily one of the worst things you can do to your body and contribute to the most fat gain.2,3

You can easily consume hundreds of calories in minutes, when it’s liquid. But, it would take many minutes to EAT and CHEW the same in whole, food calories.

Besides all of these calorie drinks are primarily made of sugar. It’ll shoot up your blood sugar and insulin levels, causing the calories to be stored as fat.

Plus, you’ll get hungry much faster.

Don’t Use Condiments, Creams and Sauces

No Packaged Foods

I also want you to eat your foods in their natural states. Eat mostly whole and unprocessed foods. Thus, do your best to stay away from packaged foods.

Eat Your Food Slowly

Speed is very important when it comes to fat loss. The slower you eat your food, the longer you chew your food, the faster you’ll lose fat.

Eat Better Quality Macronutrients

There are 3 macronutrients, which I’m sure you’ve heard of: Protein, Fats & Carbohydrates.

You should eat all 3. But the quality and type, the proportions, timing and combinations are what matters.

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