🍽️ Clinically Proven Fact: Testosterone Burns Your Belly Fat Part 1.- by Dr Sam Robbins

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🍽️ Clinically Proven Fact: Testosterone Burns Your Belly Fat Part 1.
Today I’m going to talk about the worst kind of fat and that’s belly fat. Not only is it ugly, it’s the unhealthiest of all fats.

The ugly fat you can grab, that “roll” around your waist when you sit down and the not-so-loving, “love handles” – this is “external” fat or subcutaneous fat.

Then there’s the unhealthy fat that’s internal, around your organs and intestines. This is called “visceral” fat.

The problem with this internal, visceral fat is that it creates its own set of hormones and toxins. It secretes chemicals called cytokines, which cause inflammation and increase diseases such as heart and diabetes,… and cancers such as colon, pancreas and so forth.1

So you MUST decrease and erase that belly fat – if not for health reasons, for vanity.

And because this is such an important topic – I’m going to be turning this into a 4-part video series. This way, the information will be short, to the point and you can implement the solutions immediately, so you can start getting positive results quickly.

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Part 1 – SEX Hormones
In this “part 1” video, I’ll be discussing SEX hormones.

And since belly fat tends to be more of a male problem, this first part will deal with the male hormone responsible for belly fat. Ironically, it’s the same problem for women … but it affects women later in life in their 30’s and especially once they start menopause.2-3

And the male hormone I’m speaking of is Testosterone.

Remember that both men and women have testosterone, as well as estrogen and all the hormones. The only difference is the amount and ratios of these “sex” hormones.

For example, men produce a lot more “male” hormones such as testosterone than women. While women produce a lot more “female” hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin.

And for men, the primary cause of belly fat is lower testosterone… as well as, higher estrogen.3-5

Ironically, the higher your estrogen, the less testosterone your body produces.3-5

And you know what?… Fat cells is one the primary “estrogen” producers in the body.6

So the higher your belly fat, the higher your estrogen and the lower your testosterone.

All of this means a negative cycle of more belly fat and worse hormonal imbalance… leading to even more belly fat, muscle loss, lower libido, depression and fatigue.

And what’s worse is that aging causes a natural decrease in testosterone in both men and women, but especially in men and it starts in his mid 20’s.3-5

By age 40, his producing 40% LESS testosterone and other “male” hormones.7

On the flip side, he’s also producing MORE female hormones.

Again, it’s a horrible cycle.

So if you’re wondering why you can’t lose the belly fat … or you’re losing muscle … or you have lowered libido – it’s NOT your fault. It’s a hormonal imbalance.

HOWEVER, it is your responsibility to FIX this right away before things get worse and worse.

And the best part is when you fix this hormonal imbalance, the foods you eat naturally get converted to energy and used for muscle building … NOT fat storage!5-7

With that said, your goal is to:

Increase Your Male Hormones: Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, DHEA, etc.
Decrease Your Female Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, etc.
Decrease Stress Hormones: Adrenal, Cortisol, etc.

This can be done with diet, exercise and specific supplements, herbs and vitamins. And you can reverse the negative hormonal balance at ANY age, so it’s never too late.

However, the sooner you start, the better it’ll be because there will be less effort and time needed to “fix and optimize” your hormones… back to their youthful, healthy levels.

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