🍽️ Clinically Proven: Increase Fat Burning Hormones To Erase Belly Fat – Part 4 – by Dr Sam Robbins

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1. Progress in Obesity Research. John Libbey & Company, Ltd., 1990:507-14.

🍽️ Clinically Proven: Increase Fat Burning Hormones To Erase Belly Fat – Part 4
Welcome to the final, part 4 in my video series about 4 clinically proven ways to burn belly fat.

As a quick summary… Part 1, I discussed imbalances in your “sex hormones” – specifically lower male hormones (testosterone, DHEA, etc) and higher female hormones (estrogen, prolactin, etc.).

So your goal is to have higher testosterone and lower estrogen, especially for men.

Part 2 I talked about high blood sugar and insulin levels, which cause fat storage around your belly, especially around your organs – called “visceral” fat.

So, your goal is to have lower blood sugar levels.

Part 3 I covered how stress hormones such as Cortisol cause an immediate increase weight, specifically fat around your stomach.

So your goal is the manage stress levels and hormones.

Now, if you missed either of these videos, you can click the links below in the description area and watch them later.

This final part 4, I discuss specific hormones that are designed to burn fat, increase your metabolism and also reduce cravings and appetite.

The first hormone I want to discuss is Thyroid – which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

The higher your thyroid levels, the faster your metabolism. The better your food gets utilized. In fact, your thyroid gland also indirectly affects other hormones – sex hormones, stress, blood sugar, growth hormone and other peptides.

So this is a very important hormone that you want at OPTIMAL levels – not just “normal” levels.

As you age and men’s testosterone drops and women start to go through menopause, their thyroid levels drop. Now, you may still be the “normal” range when you do a blood test, but it won’t be in the upper, optimal “fat-burning” range.

So to improve your thyroid levels, you need to
Always have some carbohydrates in your diet. NO and LOW carb diets lower your thyroid.
Stay away from soy, as that lowers your thyroid production.
Make sure you have some protein with all your meals, because that helps increase thyroid.
Eat some coconut oil daily, that helps as well.
Take herbs such as Guggulsterones, L-Tyrosine, Theobromine and iodine to boost your thyroid levels naturally.

Next, you want to increase Leptin levels, which helps reduce your appetite and then lower Ghrelin, which increases your appetite. These are known as “hunger hormones”.

To improve these hormones, you want to
Make sure you get enough sleep
When dieting, decrease your calories slowly and gradually. Too much, too soon causes an imbalance in these hormones and this causes a dramatic increase in your appetite.
Also, a very potent ingredient called the African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis) has been clinically shown to dramatically increase Leptin levels. The end result of this human clinical study was a weight loss of over 20 lbs on average in 10 weeks.1

Now, there are other hormones you want to improve for fat burning – such as improving insulin sensitivity, lower cortisol levels, decreasing estrogen and so forth – which I’ve already spoken about in the 3 previous videos.

Basically, people with “skinny genetics”, have improved levels of these hormones. Now, you can’t change your genetics, but you can improve these hormones so losing fat becomes much easier, faster and happens with less effort.

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