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🍽️ Myth #7: Eat Less & Move More Is The Secret To Losing Weight – Top 10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths

🍽️ Myth #7: Eat Less & Move More Is The Secret To Losing Weight – Top 10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths

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🍽️ Myth #7: Eat Less & Move More Is The Secret To Losing Weight – Top 10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths
Welcome back to my 10 multi-part series about the “10 Biggest Myths & Lies About Weight Loss”.

Today’s Myth #7 is that Eating Less & Moving More Is The Secret To Losing Weight

And if you’re joining me for the first time and you missed the first 6 weight loss myths, I suggest you check them out some point after today’s video.

Body fat is simply stored energy (calories).

Most “experts” will tell you that you something like a “pound of fat is 3500 calories”. And to lose weight or body fat, more calories need to be leaving your fat cells than entering them.

In other words, if there’s a caloric deficit (more out, than in), fat loss occurs.

For this reason, it seems only logical that “eating less and moving more” would cause weight loss. It works on both sides of the calorie equation.

However, this advice usually doesn’t work. It for sure doesn’t work for people who are very overweight (50+ lbs). And for the rest of the people who want to erase some of the belly fat, get healthier and look more attractive – this formula backfires in the long-run.

Most people who follow this advice end up gaining the weight back, and there are physiological, psychological and biochemical reasons for this (6).

And as I’ve stated over and over again, how you look and feel is based on your genetics and your genetics are controlled by all the various different hormones, enzymes and so forth.

So you can’t change your DNA, but you CAN and MUST make improvements in your hormones… especially as you get older

In fact, you see this quickly in women who hit menopause. All of a sudden, they gain weight in their stomach and lose it in their breast and face. The fat distribution becomes more like a man’s and this is because of the lowering of female hormones, thyroid and other hormonal changes.

Diet and exercise are a big part of this. So is stress management and utilizing specific herbs, vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to turn on your “fat-burning hormones”.

In fact, I can have a you eat the same amount of calories, but by changing the type of foods you eat, what kind of exercises you do and when, managing your stress hormones and optimizing your fat-burning hormones with natural herbal extracts… .I can have you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

WITHOUT reducing any calories at all. And, you’ll have more energy in the process.

Again, it all has to do with your hormones.

So if you’re tried to “eat less and move more” and it hasn’t worked out for you, now you know why.

And if you’re interested in speeding up your metabolism by increasing your fat-burning hormones naturally, then make sure you watch the next video. Just click the link below, in the description area.

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