🍽️The REAL Cause of Winter Weight Gain & The FREE Fix – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🍽️The REAL Cause of Winter Weight Gain & The FREE Fix
When I was younger, I tanned all the time. I mean, that’s what you did in the 80’s.

We’d layout and put baby oil on us, to intensify the sun and get a really dark tan.

Nobody would ever use sunscreen.

And in the winter, I’d go to the tanning salon.

I know, I know… I was “young and dumb”

But not only did I look better with a tan, I also FELT so much better.

But these days, it’s a different story.

I’m covered up most of the time and I wear a baseball cap when I’m outside.

Plus, these days we’re typically indoors most of the time, especially during the winter. And, I no longer go to the tanning salon

So, it’s like the complete opposite… I barely get any sunlight.

Please keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with the sun and it has a million benefits. But you obviously don’t want to overdo it and get a dark tan and you never want to to get a sunburn.

Now, I bring up this topic because during the colder winter months, especially with less sunlight, I notice that I put on few pounds every year.

My body fat percentage goes up.

And it’s not just me, it’s most people.

Granted, many people will eat more food, they’ll be less active and so forth.

But not me, I’m always on my diet, exercise and supplement program – year round. I’m like a machine.

So why the weight gain?…

Well, studies1,2 have shown that an unexpected cause for winter weight gain is the absence of sunlight.

Not only do you gain weight, but it’s mostly fat weight, … the subcutaneous white adipose tissue (scWAT) that you can grab with your hands. That ugly roll over your belly. The cellulite on the legs and butt.

Basically, the researchers discovered that when the sun’s light wavelengths penetrate our skin and reach the fat cells just beneath, lipid droplets reduce in size and are released out of the cell.

In other words, our cells don’t store as much fat. They literally shrink in size and get smaller!

The researchers concluded by saying that, “the insufficient sunlight exposure we get 8 months of the year living in a northern climate may be promoting fat storage and contribute to the typical weight gain some of us have over winter.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean the lack of sun is the ONLY reason. You still need to eat well, exercise, manage your stress and take your supplements.
Other Reasons

Some other studies also state that the sun helps regulate important “fat burning hormones”, such as Cortisol, Ghrelin, Leptin, Thyroid, insulin and Adiponectin.

These are very important hormones… and people with “skinny genetics” have better levels of these hormones. And, so do younger people.

Below this video in the description area, you can click a special link and discover a proven way of improving all of these hormones, year round, without any change in your diet or exercise program.

The Solution

Now, I’m not telling you to go to the tanning salon. Even though, when done correctly, there are many benefits to “artificial sunlight”, which I’ll talk about in a future video.

However, the point with today’s topic is you should get outside more and get some sunlight, especially during the winter.

Not only is it good for your health, it’ll also burns fat. Plus, it’s free!

All you need is about 15-20 minutes daily.

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