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👉 Dark Chocolate Scam – Gundry, Mercola, Aspery… – by Dr Sam Robbins
The more videos I do, the more comments and questions I get, the more frustrated I’m getting due to all the misinformation, hype and total BS …

And this has to do with today’s topic of how “dark chocolate” is healthy for you.

Even with people that I totally respect, such as Dr. Gundry, Dr. Mercola and Dave Aspery… are promoting this. And I don’t mean to single out these guys – I mention them only because I’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve helped millions of people, far more than I have.

And this all started a few months ago when I saw a dark chocolate bar on my mom’s table. I asked her why she’s having it, and she said, “I heard that it’s really healthy for you and you’ll live longer because of it.”

Well, my mom is 80 years old and she’s also a “foodie”. She loves to eat and will find any reason to eat some kind of junk food, IF she thinks it has some potential health benefits.

What The So-Called “Experts” Are Saying

If you do a search about “dark chocolate benefits”, you’ll see well over 60 million results

Some of the more popular people and guys I respect, such as Gundry1, Mercola2 and Aspery3 state that some of the benefits of dark chocolate are

Contains polyphenols and flavonoids. Big deal, it’s not that much. Fresh berries, good quality green tea or coffee and supplements contain way more.

Good for your heart and brain by improving cholesterol, blood pressure and blood flow.
This is done because it helps thin the blood.

Fish oil is FAR more powerful and has way more health benefits. Taking Blood Flow Optimizer has even more benefits because it also strengthens your arteries and veins, making them more pliable and flexible and thus, reducing your risk of a rupture that can cause a heart attack or stroke..

Improves your mood because it helps produce dopamine and serotonin, which are called “feel good hormones” or more accurately, neurotransmitters. Again, this is totally lame. It’s in tiny amounts.

Exercise, sunshine, touch or even smiling does much more to improve these chemicals. So does taking natural herbs and amino acids found in ProVanax, which backed by DECADES and hundreds of clinical studies – not just a few recent ones.

Suspect Clinical Studies
Speaking of clinical studies regarding dark chocolate and its benefits. Did you know there are over 100 studies about dark chocolate, as a “miracle safe food”?4

Do you know who funded all of these 100+ studies?… Mars Inc, that’s right – the company that makes Snickers, Twix and M&M’s

Yes, more clinical studies that have hidden agendas – which is to make more money.

I can dig a lot deeper about this topic, but I think you get the point.

So let’s move on to the

Best Type of Dark Chocolate

Now, if you are going to have dark chocolate, the so-called “experts” say you should have at least 72% Cacao and preferably, 90% to even 99% cacao. Which by the way, tastes really bad.

Dr. Gundry says, “more bitter, more better”.

Great, I agree.

Which means you do NOT want any Milk Chocolate in it, or sugar. Unfortunately, over 95% of “dark chocolate bars” contain milk and sugar. So read the labels.

One of the highest dark chocolate % bars, which Dave Aspery also recommends is Excellence 99% Cocoa Bar by Lindt

What’s interesting is that a clinical study suggest the benefits of dark chocolate would be at about 50 grams daily for a minimum of 8 weeks.5 Which just happens to be this exact bar of Lindt that I just mentioned.

However, this is also 270 calories daily, consisting of 25 grams (225 calories) of fat, 4 grams (16 calories) of carbs and 7 grams of protein (no amino acid profile) (28 calories).

Umm… sorry to burst your bubble, but this is just fat and high calories. No vitamins or minerals, other than some iron.

You’ll get FAR more benefits out of 2 tablespoons of healthy fats (same calories) such as Udo’s oil, fish, hemp, Olive, and Macadamia oil. Which all consist of ESSENTIAL fats that you NEED to survive.

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👉 Dark Chocolate Scam – Gundry, Mercola, Aspery… – by Dr Sam Robbins

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