💁🏻‍♂️ The “Secret” To Ending Premature Ejaculation – by Dr Sam Robbins

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💁🏻‍♂️ The “Secret” To Ending Premature Ejaculation


Hey guys… let’s face it, the penis really does have a mind of its own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I get lots of guys contacting me that they have erectile dysfunction or are dealing with impotency and they can’t get hard or stay hard.

I also have a lot of guys contacting me on the opposite end that they have premature ejectulation and can’t last very long and they’re unable to satisfy their partners.

Sadly, I also have guys with BOTH problems – they can’t get hard and if they do, they barely last.

So today I’m going to talk about 5 proven ways to fix and hopefully end premature ejactulation and at the same time, get harder, fuller, bigger erections.

Now, I did a longer, more detailed video about this topic a few months ago. However, today I’m going to make a quick summary of that video for anyone who is in a rush or just wants the key points … or you want a reminder of what you discovered in the original video.

Okay, let’s get started and so you can start implementing what you’ve learned today ASAP.
1 – Reduce Sensitivity
If you know you’re going to have sex, masturbate a few hours BEFORE.

Then you won’t be as sensitive. Plus, after you orgasm, there are some chemical and hormonal changes for a few hours, allowing you to be less sensitive and thus, last longer.

Another way to reduce sensitivity is wear a condom.

2 – Practice

Practice trying to last longer.

Assuming you masturbate, as you bring yourself close to an orgasim, STOP…

And tightly pinch the head of your penis for a 3-5 seconds and that’ll usually send a signal to your penis to pause and stop the ejaculation.

It’ll reverse the blood flow.

3 – Focus On Your Partner

Instead of trying to quickly penetrate and have sex, you should focus on your partner.

Give her a massage, kiss her all over, give her oral sex or use your fingers. Try to bring to an orgasm FIRST, before you even try to penetrate her. This way, at least you know she’s been satisfied.

Besides, women need more “warming up” and foreplay, so you should be doing this anyway. Then she won’t mind as much if you don’t last very long.

Plus, it reduces some of your pressure and thus, you’ll be more relaxed – which is always helpful for a better erection.

4 – Non Sexual Thoughts

Your mind is the most powerful “sexual organ”, even though it’s obviously not an organ. But the point is that if you start to get really turned on and excited and feel you’re about to have an orgasm, start thinking about non sexual stuff.

Think about work, sports, or my favorite sex-drive killer – your parents!!! =)

Stop thinking about how “good” the sex feels because that’ll speed things up and bring you to an orgasm faster.

5. Improve Your Neurotransmitters
Finally, you want to improve your neurotransmitters.

there are antidepressant and antianxiety drugs that work very well for premature ejeclation.

They are “off label” prescriptions, meaning that even though they were designed for anxiety or depression, doctors will prescribe it for “off label” reasons, such as premature ejaculation because they also work for this problem.

Specifically, these “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors” (SSRI’s), have helped thousands of men, allowing them to last longer.

Unfortunately, they’re riddled with lots of negative side-effects and can actually cause impotence in a majority of users, not to mention a massive DROP in testosterone, sex drive and libido!…

So, this is definitely NOT what we want.

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