💓 Are You Taking Too Much Calcium and NOT enough of these 3 ingredients?

These supplements will make your arteries squeaky clean:

These ingredients make the best combination for optimum blood flow
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💓 Are You Taking Too Much Calcium and NOT enough of these 3 ingredients?
So this is an important video about anyone who is taking calcium, magnesium, Vit K and/or D3.

If you’re interested in gaining muscle, losing fat, improving your memory, sleeping better, having stronger bones, better circulation, improving your hormones and simply living a longer life with less illnesses and diseases, then please watch today’s video

Yes, this is a big promise, but it’s true.

This is for both men and women and maybe even MORE so for women.

I got asked an important question

Dr. Robbins can you please clarify for me, how much calcium I am supposed to take daily? I keep hearing about how important calcium is. I am presently taking 1200mg of calcium Citrate in a liquid form plus Magnesium 400mg and the vitamin K-2 and D3. Thank you!.

First, these are all important vitamins and minerals to take, so good job.

Secondly, I can’t tell you how much calcium you may need, since there are too many factors and the only way to give you a specific answer is to do a blood test and see where your current levels are, IF you’re deficient or by how much.

However, let me give you some very important things to think about


First, you shouldn’t be taking only calcium citrate. You should do a blend of different calciums, such as
D-Glucarate (one of my favorites)


What’s even more important is magnesium, something that most people are deficient in and need more of – especially women.

I suggest taking at least the same mg dose as the calcium and maybe even double, especially women.

But don’t take it all at once or else you may get digestive issues. Start lower and build up.

Vitamin D3

Next is by far one of my favorite vitamins, which is D3,… one that most people are deficient in.

So, here’s something interesting. I HAD been taking 10,000 units DAILY for a few years… and yes, that high.

I did a blood test and my levels were about 61 ng/mL. The range is between 30-100

Most people and doctors will say “great, that’s in the middle, you’re good”

However, that is NOT optimal.

I now take 20,000 units daily, Mon-Fri, which works out to about 15,000 units daily. I do this because I like to cycle this off, even if it’s just 2 days weekly. You don’t have to, it’s just me since I’m taking such a higher dose of a fat-soluble vitamin

Yes, it’s a crazy high dose. But at this dose my blood test level is now 93 ng/mL. I believe the very upper limit of the range, 30-100 is optimal.

Again, it’s always best and ideal to do blood tests to remove all the guesswork

The unfortunate truth is that I should be getting a lot more sun to help absorb the D3 better and help my body produce it on its own, based on the amount of cholesterol I’m also eating daily.

Vitamin K

This is an extremely important vitamin and I believe that in a few years, this will regularly be tested, like D3 is these days.

The Best Combination

So, here’s the cool part…

When you take more magnesium and D3, you absorb more calcium.

And vitamin K, especially K2-7 (Menaquinon MK7) helps take the calcium out of the blood and into the bones, where it should be.

This improves blood flow and helps reduce plaque and calcium buildup in your arteries and veins.

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