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💗 15 Scary Warning Signs You Have Poor Blood Flow Circulation That You Can’t Ignore

💗 15 Scary Warning Signs You Have Poor Blood Flow Circulation That You Can’t Ignore

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💗 15 Scary Warning Signs You Have Poor Blood Flow Circulation That You Can’t Ignore
Poor blood flow and circulation is a MAJOR warning sign of health problems. And, what kind of health problem depends on the symptoms and cause of your poor circulation.

Typically though, all roads lead to a heart attack or stroke… Or some kind of “heart disease”.

Basically, a major health problem for your HEART and/or your BRAIN!

Now, in previous videos I’ve discussed the different CAUSES of poor blood flow, as well as various SOLUTIONS.

However, as extremely important it is for improving your blood flow, you FIRST need to know if you have poor circulation.

So, today’s video will quickly cover the 15 scary warning signs that you have blood flow circulation – that you can’t ignore.

Tingling Sensations or Numbness In Your Extremities

Now, this typically happens in your hands and feet, including your toes and fingers.

And this happens more so as you get older.

It’s basically a warning sign that your body is telling you, “hey, fix this because I’m not getting the nutrients and anti-aging hormones to these area and it’s going to get worse over time”

Cold Extremities

Similar to numbness, have cold extremities … such as your hands and feet, is another obvious sign of poor blood flow. Maybe in the winter, when you’re outside in the cold, it’s to be expected. But, not the rest of the year or when you’re indoors.

Dry Skin
The skin is one of the first areas to show physical symptoms of poor circulation. Despite getting enough water, your skin may dry out.

Swelling of Your Feet & Hands

On the opposite end, you may also start to retain water in areas, so you don’t see it on the surface of your skin… which results in swelling of your feet and hands.

Skin Discoloration

When your hands and feet don’t get adequate amounts of oxygenated blood, you may also notice discoloration of the skin covering these parts of your body.

Decreased Memory & Cognition

People don’t realize that your brain requires a lot of blood flow, over 15% of cardiac (heart) output.

Dizzy Spells and Headaches

Dizzy spells are also extremely common. Your brain isn’t getting the oxygen to keep it working efficiently. Even if you get plenty of water, you won’t improve the dizziness.

Loss Of Appetite

Now, this is a less obvious symptom, but it’s even a BIGGER problem. This is because poor blood flow to your gut means poor digestion, which leads to malnutrition.

Digestive Problems

This goes hand-in-hand with the loss of appetite and it’s typically misdiagnosed… and that’s why I bring it up.

Weak Immune System
This also is connected to digestive problems and lack of appetite.

Decreased Libido

Even though a decrease in libido has a lot to do with your hormones, poor blood flow is important because it means lack of key hormones and enzymes being delivered to this area …

Hair Loss, Brittle Hair & Nails

Also, due to the lack of nutrient-fill blood in your body’s extremities, new growth of hair and nails may become weak and brittle. Remember, your blood ALSO contains hormones.

Varicose Veins

Poor circulation can cause the veins just under the surface of the skin on your legs to become swollen, twisted, and very visible.

Tightening of Chest & Difficulty In Breathing

When you have poor circulation, your heart doesn’t get as much blood flow as it normally should.

Frequent Exhaustion or Lack of Energy

When your circulatory system slows down, it no longer has the capacity to deliver oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more importantly, HORMONES throughout your body as it should.


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