💪 How To Gain A Ton Of Muscular Weight & Bulk Up – Best Diet – by Dr Sam Robbins

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💪 How To Gain A Ton Of Muscular Weight & Bulk Up – Best Diet
However, there are lots of people, especially guys (younger ones) who desperately want to GAIN weight. Not fat, but to gain muscular weight and some fat too is okay.

They want to “bulk up” and fill out. So they feel more “manly” or stronger or more simply more confident.

And trust me, I know a LOT about this topic – so I’m going to give you the REAL formula for gaining muscular weight – no matter what you’ve tried.

Anyway, I’ve gained about 70 lbs of muscle, naturally. And it took a while, but now I can keep it year round with a lot less effort.

So with that said, let’s get start with part 1 – which is your diet.

And part 2 will be about your workouts.

From Skinny to Brawny

The “skinny” guy typically has a somatotype of an Ectomorph. Whatever they do, they can’t ever seem to gain weight.

Some are “skinny FAT” and some are “skinny LEAN” — but either way, they’re “skinny” and will feel and look better with some extra muscular weight.

The “skinny” Ectomorph has a very fast metabolism.

Thus, they are in a constant state of “catabolism” – this means “break down” of tissue (both muscle and fat). This is why they can’t gain weight.

This in turn actually LOWERS their primary “anabolic” hormone, which is testosterone. So, they have a hard time “building” muscle.

So let’s start with the most anabolic substance on the planet – FOOD!


You “skinny” guys are always telling me “I eat everything in sight” and for some of you, that’s true. However, doing so for 1 or 2 or even 3 meals does NOT count.

You need to eat more, a LOT more. ALL day long. This mean 6, 7, 8 and sometimes 9 “meals” daily.

You have to FORCE FEED yourself.

I suggest 4 solid meals and 4 liquid meals. YES, that’s a total of 8 meals.

And yes, you do this every day, every week, every month, year after year.

Start low and build up. Every week, add in more calories or another meal.

Here’s the breakdown:

CARBS – 60%
This is going to be the majority of your calories, at least 60% of your diet. I could say “eat whatever you want”, but let’s try to at least keep it healthy.

Eat lots of rice, potatoes, pasta and healthy breads.

Forget vegetables, they take up too much space in your stomach, too low in calories.

It’s okay to drink your calories. Have fruit juice. But not soda or anything with high fructose corn syrup. That converts the food more towards fat than energy and muscle.

Or lots of dried fruit because they’re very calorie dense.

Because you’re having so many carb calories, you don’t need as much protein. Carbs spare protein. Besides, protein is hard to digest and you want fast digesting food, so you can keep eating all day long.

Eat whatever protein you like. I’m not a fan of chicken, but it’s easy to digest, so go ahead. But have more thigh, instead of breast – it’s higher in fat and calories.

Eat meat (beef, bison, etc), whole eggs and salmon.

You can also eat lots of protein powder. Whey isolate is the best. Fast digesting, no sugar or lactose.

FATS – 15%
Fat is good because it’s very dense and high in calories. The only problem is that it SLOWS digestion, so it makes it harder to eat 6-9 times daily.

However, you should still get some from fattier meats, whole eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils such as Udo’s flaxseed, Macadamia, Olive and Coconut oil.

You can just put the fat on your meals or if you want to cook with it, do so with the macadamia or coconut oil.

Shakes are great because they’re fast to digest and easy to prepare. You’ll get tired of cooking, eating, chewing and digesting all of that food. So, have shakes often.

Throw in some juice, fruit, oats, nuts, almond butter, whey isolate, oils and whatever else you want. Make it tasty and have 3-4 of these daily.

Just EAT More

So, there you have it. The basic idea with all of this is you need to eat more. You’ll need to force it. You should feel almost nauseated at times because you’re so full.

Do NOT go by how you feel or by “hunger”. Plan it and eat every 2-3 hours, NO MATTER WHAT!

Bring food with you wherever you go.
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