💪 How To Quickly Boost Your Immune System And NOT Get Sick – by Dr Sam Robbins

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💪How To Quickly Boost Your Immune System And NOT Get Sick

I don’t know about you, but I really hate being sick. And from the sound of my voice, you can tell I have a bit of a cold.

Obviously, nobody wants to have some disease or cancer or some major illness. But, just getting the flu or even the “common” cold, really sucks.

You feel like “junk”. You have no energy. Things hurt throughout your body. You can’t sleep well. You can’t do much of anything.

And if you have to work, deal with kids and other major responsibilities — it’s so much harder to get through the day AND it slows down the healing process.

So, today I’m going to give you some simple and proven solutions you can implement right now, to help boost your immune system, to help you avoid getting sick or ill.

The first thing to improving your health and immune system, is we FIRST need to reduce and stop any “leaks” you have in your life.

Just like growing a business, we have to periodically audit the business, see what leaks there are, unnecessary expenses and so forth.

This has to be done BEFORE you add anything to your life.

#1 – Reduce Stress
Stress just drains your immune system more than anything. It kills your nervous system (CNS), kills your good hormones (testosterone, Growth Hormone, etc.) and increases negative stress hormones (cortisol, etc.)

If work sucks, if you have money problems, if your “significant other” is a pain the butt, if your kids are a handful and so forth — some of that can’t be changed, at least not right away.

However, you CAN get rid of loser friends that drain you. You CAN stop consuming negative information (TV, Internet, news, etc.) which creates negative feelings and thoughts and thus, bad hormones!

Instead, consume information that’s happy, funny, makes you laugh and you walk away with GOOD FEELINGS. Trust me, whatever is happening in some other country, is NOT going to make any difference in your life RIGHT NOW.

You certainly wouldn’t want you kids to consume negative information – so why do you? Besides, most of it is MISinformation anyway. At the very least, reduce it.

The other thing is you need to replenish your system by sleeping better and/or more. Maybe take a 15 min break during the day and close your eyes, meditate, or just take a power nap. You’ll feel better, and you’ll be a lot more productive.
#2 – Eat Natural Foods
No vitamin or “shot” is going to boost your immune system, if your constantly “killing” it by eating crappy, processed foods.

So, I’ll make this very simple – limit, reduce and eliminate things that come in box and are “man-made” and eat more natural foods.

This also means liquids – stop with the junk and drink a LOT more purified water to help DETOX your system.

You know the basics, so just do it.

#3 – Exercise
I think exercise is so important because it gets stress out of your system, it helps optimize so many positive, youthful hormones and you know what – when you LOOK good, you FEEL good and you’ll DO “good” … I know, proper English is “well”, but you get the point.

Now, most people either don’t exercise enough or at all. OR they exercise too much and that stresses their body even more.

My suggestion is very simple. 3x weekly, lift weights. No more than 45 minutes to a max of 60 minutes. On the other days off, 3x weekly go for a fast walk, outside in the sunshine, for 20-40 minutes. One day of the week, take off or go get a massage.

This is my general guideline and if you follow it, you will look and feel better.

#4 – Take Supplements
I know, the minute I tell someone to take supplements, some people just freak out. They think I’ve got some hidden agenda and I’m trying to make money. Or they think they can get everything they need from a healthy diet.

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