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๐Ÿ’ช7 Easy Tips To Get Ripped Abs & Gain Muscle

๐Ÿ’ช7 Easy Tips To Get Ripped Abs & Gain Muscle

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๐Ÿ’ช7 Easy Tips To Get Ripped Abs & Gain Muscle
A few years ago, I had a client who was getting ready for a big movie and in it, he needed to show off his abs. He was referred to me by another actor client of mine. Iโ€™m not here to drop names or reveal anything and itโ€™s not important. However, this actor came to me in a very angry state of mind and said:

I canโ€™t get rid of the F***ing belly fat. This a-hole trainer of mine has me working out 2 hours daily, Iโ€™m on like no f***ing carbs. I have no energy. No strength and after all this f***ing work, I still donโ€™t have a 6-pack abs. Iโ€™ve got 8 G-D damn weeks left to get ready for the movie. What f*** am I doing wrong?!!

As you can tell, he was very colorful with is words and he was also very angry and frustrated. Which many people who sacrifice so much and still arenโ€™t able to get abs.

Plus, the problem with chronic low-carb diets is that it impairs muscle growth. It lowers thyroid levels, which decreases your metabolism and fat burning.

And the goal with these 7 simple steps is to improve insulin sensitivity, which will help burn off belly fat, improve your energy and reduce inflammation – which will further burn off even more fat.

And a side benefit is also more muscle growth.

1 – Exercise Less, But More Often
I immediately cut his workouts in half, but had him do it more often. He was working out once daily for 2 hours. I told him to cut it down to 40-60 minutes, but twice daily.

Every time you workout, you improve insulin sensitivity. This way, he got twice daily improvements, which the positive effects lasted about 4-6 hours. So, most of the day his insulin sensitivity was much better.

By the way, if he could only get the gym once daily, that was fine. The second workout was walking, 20-40 minutes.

2 – Eat Carbs Around The Workout
I told him to still have some good carbs, but only before and post workout. The rest of the time, it was just protein and fat, no carbs.

3 – Eat Carbs Last
With his carb containing meals, he ate the protein, fat and vegetables FIRST and lastly, the carbs. Which consisted of yams, lentils, white rice or fruit.

4 – Take Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals
People who have poor insulin sensitivity and also want to lose belly fat, increase energy levels and so forth, are typically deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Either lacking from the diet and/or their body just doesnโ€™t absorb them well.

And they also respond extremely well to specific herbs designed for improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar. You can really see a big difference when using them.

There are a few specific ones, but to keep it simple – I gave him an โ€œall-in-oneโ€ formula that I use myself and the direct link to that easy-to-use formula is found below this video, in the description area.

5 – Eat Fish (Oil)
He had no healthy fish oils in his diet, which is a major problem. I told him to eat wild caught salmon at least 3x weekly and to also add in about 3-6 grams of fish oil daily.

6 – Vinegar
I told him to have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 3x daily.

7 – Fiber
Finally, to add in some psyllium fiber, twice daily.

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