😃 15 Seconds To Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, Worry & Negative Thoughts – by Dr Sam Robbins

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😃 15 Seconds To Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, Worry & Negative Thoughts
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When it comes to health, I believe your mindset is far more important than your diet, exercise plan and supplements.

Most “experts” rarely talk about this FACT because they don’t know it or believe it.

And I rarely speak about it because I think most people just dismiss it — even though, down deep I really do think people agree.

You see, genetics is one of the most powerful indicators of your health. However, what’s THE most important are your hormones because they can turn ON or OFF your genetics or genetic predispositions.

And your hormones are controlled by your lifestyle — what you eat, physical activity, stress management and nutrients being absorbed (supplements).

However, your THOUGHTS and thus, your FEELINGS is by far the biggest controlling factor to your hormones.

Many of us, due to our upbringing, all the negative “junk” in the media, bad habits picked up from family and friends ….. tend to think negative thoughts when something goes wrong or it doesn’t go as you think it “should” have gone.

For example, your friend doesn’t call you back like they promised and you feel disrespected and not important.

You’ll start to think negative thoughts, such as “ugg, I hate it when people do this” or “here we go again, he flaked out on me” … “doesn’t she know my time is valuable?” … “why are people so self absorbed these days” … and so on and so forth.

These negative thoughts, create negative feelings, which create an increase in negative stress hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes… which leads to anxiety, worry, panic attacks, anger, moodiness, depression and so forth.

And the more you FOCUS on this “negative” situation or thought, the MORE negative you feel. … And then the more negative situations your brain grabs from its database, to JUSTIFY your emotions, which further causes you to feel even worse.

So you think “why does this always happen to me” … or … “this isn’t fair” … or … “I’m so unlucky” and so forth.

Remember, what you focus on expands and grows.

What you need to do is immediately break this negative pattern and focus on something new, a positive and happy thought, so you can FEEL happy and thus, stop producing the negative hormones and neurotransmitters and start producing the positive, anti-aging hormones.

And this is easy because your brain can ONLY focus on ONE thought or feeling or emotion at a time.

You can NOT be angry AND happy at the same time.
You can NOT cry AND laugh the same time.
You can NOT feel anxiety or worry AND excitement at the same time.

So all you need to do is spend 15 seconds thinking of a happy thought. It can be from your past, the present or the future.

Maybe a funny story from your past. Or a picture of your child.

Or something really amazing you want in your future… like a new car or a trip or grandchildren.

Or something you’re grateful for at the present time.

In fact, having an “attitude of gratitude” immediately turns OFF negative feelings and hormones and IMMEDIATELY turns on the positive ones.

This is just fact.
This is just how the body works.

Now, I’m not asking you to be “fake” or make up something positive because your brain will think, “come on, you’re full of crap… who are you kidding?!!”

However, thinking of something that’s positive and that’s REAL in your life, your brain can’t argue. It’s been there, it’s REAL and you can go there again.

In fact, this is how prison’s of war or cancer survivors and people in similar, dire situations get “through” these extremely difficult times, while the others just give up, breakdown and fall apart.

So again, your THOUGHTS control your hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes … which control your FEELINGS!

The next time something stressful happens, spend just 15 seconds and change the negative habits of thinking badly and start THINKING of a positive thought from your past, present or future.
Your brain can only think of ONE thought at a time. So, don’t waste it by focusing on something negative because it’ll just keep growing because what you focus on expands.

By doing this often, you’ll break negative habits and you will stop feeling negative emotions so often.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

It can be that simple, IF you make it a daily practice.

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