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🤕 How Menopause Causes Memory Loss & How To Reverse It – by Dr Sam Robbins

🤕 How Menopause Causes Memory Loss & How To Reverse It – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🤕 How Menopause Causes Memory Loss & How To Reverse It
A little bit of memory loss is a natural part of aging. And part of the reason isn’t just due to aging, but partly for the lack of brain stimulation. Basically, as you get older, you’re no longer challenging your brain like you used to in your younger years… you’re not learning anything new.

As the saying goes, “use it or lose it”

However, hormones also play a major role in memory — for both men and women.

The decline in testosterone for MEN, which causes “andropause”…

And the decline in estrogen in WOMEN, which causes menopause, are major reasons for memory problems and general “brain” fogginess.

I’ll discuss the guys in another video.

Today I want focus on women and menopause,… memory loss and how to prevent and reverse this, while also increasing your energy levels for BOTH your mind and body!

Estrogen & Perimenopause
As you age, your ovaries stop working as well as they once did. Over time, they produce fewer eggs and eventually stop entirely. Your body responds by reducing the amount of estrogen it produces because the hormone is no longer needed for reproduction.

This process doesn’t happen immediately. During perimenopause — the transitional time before menopause — your estrogen levels go up and down a lot. This is when many women experience symptoms associated with the transition to menopause.

And research has clearly shown that the drop in estrogen and other female hormones, triggers memory loss and “brain fog”.1-3

Estrogen & Memory Loss
The exact effect of estrogen and progesterone loss on the brain isn’t fully understood. It’s believed that estrogen may help the neurotransmitter systems that send signals in brain areas involved in memory and information processing. Many researchers also think that estrogen promotes the growth and survival of neurons, the cells that send electrical impulses.1-3 These impulses serve as messages that are crucial for making your brain and nervous system work properly.

Six Proven Ways To Help Avoid & Reverse Memory Problems
So, let’s get down to the solutions.

1 — Hormone Replacement Therapy

My area of study is in pharmacology and endocrinology… which is the study of hormones. So, one of ways to prevent these problems to supplement both estrogen and progesterone. Doing so during perimenopause or early stages of menopause works best.

However, I do NOT advocate taking synthetic versions of these 2 hormones. Speak to your doctor about taking “bioidentical” versions, which are natural forms of estrogen and progesterone.

2 — Get Some Rest

Rest improves your hormones, especially by decreasing elevated levels of stress hormones.

There are lots of things you can do to get more or BETTER rest. Sleep is one. Meditation and relaxation are also ways. Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine is important as well.

3 — Eat Better
Of course, food controls your hormones as well. You should eat more healthy fats, such as fish oils, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, raw nuts, seeds and avocados.

For protein, eat more fatty fish, such as salmon. But eliminate high mercury fish such as tuna, which will cause memory loss. Whole eggs, a little bit of chicken and bison are also good.

Best forms of carbohydrates are typically vegetables, white rice, yams and sweet potatoes.

4 — Exercise Your Body

Motions creates emotion and also improves blood flow. Exercise doesn’t need to be complicated.

I suggest taking a 20-30 min brisk walk every day, or at least 3x weekly.

5 — Exercise Your Brain

This part most people skip out, but you MUST exercise your brain to prevent it from “shrinking”.

6 — Take Supplements

There are a few powerful herbs that will work like “steroids” for your brain. They’ll improve your blood flow, increase neurotransmitters, strengthen synapses and neurons… while also improving other brain chemicals — such as dopamine and serotonin.

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