🥗 5 Best Reasons To Eat Okra – You Won’t Believe How Healthy It Is! – By Dr Sam Robbins

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🥗 5 Best Reasons To Eat Okra – You Won’t Believe How Healthy It Is! – By Dr Sam Robbins
Growing up, my mom would put Okra in a lot of the foods and stews she made. The truth is, I never liked the taste. But, she would say, “it’s good for you, eat it”.

Of course, that’s what moms always say.

When I asked her “why is it good for me?” … she wouldn’t give any specific answers other than “it’s a vegetable, they’re all good for you”.

Unfortunately, that didn’t tell me anything and it didn’t sell me on the idea of eating Okra

However, today I AM going to give you the 5 best and surprising benefits of Okra, that I wish my mom had told me

Great For Blood Sugar
One of the biggest benefits of Okra is how beneficial it is for improving blood sugar1 – whether you’re diabetic or not.

And as you may know from previous videos I’ve done, I think optimizing your blood sugar levels is a major key to total health, fitness and longevity.

Having healthy blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity will help you avoid so many illnesses and diseases, not counting diabetes. Improving your blood sugar will help you gain muscle, lose fat, increase your energy levels, improve mental health … plus it’ll help lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and on and on.

And if you’re interested in improving your blood sugar, make sure you visit the special link below in the description area, after you watch this video.

Potential Lectin & Gluten Blocker & Anti-Inflammatory
If you’ve watched my videos in the past, you may remember that for well over a decade now, I’ve avoided foods that have lectins and cause inflammation.

If you have gluten issues, you most likely don’t do well with Lectins as well. Infact, gluten is a form of Lectin.

The good news is that Okra is rich in raw polysaccharides, a potent compound that has been shown to bind to lectins, effectively blocking their ability to cause cause harm and inflammation.2,3

So, for anyone who has joint pain, this is a major benefit as well.

High In Fiber & Good For Digestion
Most people do NOT get enough fiber. This is unfortunate because fiber helps with blood sugar, cholesterol, improves digestion, helps you feel fuller, great for weight loss and of course, essential at helping you avoid getting colon cancer.

Well, Okra is high in fiber and low in calories – so, that’s a double benefit!
Good For Gut Health & Immune System

Additionally, the type of fiber in Okra and the “slimy” aspect of it, helps improve your gut bacteria and boosts your immune system. And if you have ulcers, Okra’s “slimy” benefits helps coat the digestive track and thus, helps heal peptic ulcers.

Nothing Negative About It
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