🧠 7 Best Natural Alternatives To Benzo Drugs & Fixing Anxiety

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🧠 7 Best Natural Alternatives To Benzo Drugs & Fixing Anxiety
If you’re watching this video, then your goal is to find natural alternatives to benzodiazepine [ben-zow-die-asuh-peen] drugs, such as Xanax, Vallum, Ativan and similar medications.

You don’t want to deal with all the negative side-effects and addictive qualities of these drugs.

And, you want natural solutions and approaches that will help manage, reduce and potentially even help eliminate the extreme feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and similar, disempowering emotions.

What’s The Cause

Before we can talk about solutions, we first need to understand the causes.

Genetics aside, the way you look and feel and is based primarily on your hormones and brain chemicals.

And yes, some people are genetically more prone to feelings of anxiety and depression.

However, their life-style —
what you eat,
what you think about and focus on,
and so forth


So, let me quickly give you my favorite 7 and easy changes you can make today, that will make dramatic improvements in how you feel, by improving your hormones and brain chemicals.

Get More Sun
The sun has so many benefits and can literally cure so many health issues. Just being outside in nature, is extremely beneficial for your mood, overall health and hormones.

Plus, the sun gives you one of the most powerful hormones and that’s – Vitamin D.

As the saying goes, “motion creates emotion”.

This is one reason kids are always happy – they are out, running around, moving and having fun.

Exercise creates all sorts of positive hormones and brain chemicals.

Improve Your Gut Health
Your gut helps produce hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters — one of the most abundant ones being serotonin. Which helps you feel happier and more relaxed.

Take Omega 3 Fats
Your brain is mostly fat and contains a lot of DHA fat, which is found in fish oil. DHA is good for your brain, memory and yes, reducing anxiety.

Most people are very deficient in omega 3 fats and have too much omega 6 fats.

Get Better Sleep
This is a big topic and I’ll do a video about this for sure very soon.

However make sure you get better sleep because all of your hormones and brain chemicals are produced and balanced properly during sleep.

So, get to bed earlier and stop looking at your computer screen and TV all night long.

The bright, blue light prevents melatonin release – which is your sleep hormone.

Breathe Better

During times of stress, panic, worry and anxiety, your breathing becomes more shallow and constricted.

As your stress hormones go up, your blood vessels and muscles also constrict and tighten.

This is natural. In fact, same exact thing happens during times of EXCITEMENT too.

So what you need to do is just realize this, slow things down and start taking deep breaths.

Take Specific Supplements

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