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🍅 The Secret To Using A Special Form of Tomato Seeds To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

🍅 The Secret To Using A Special Form of Tomato Seeds To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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🍅 Tomato Seeds Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Today I’m going to talk about how you can lower your blood pressure and also slash your risk for many diseases, by using a special form of tomato seeds.

Now, what I’m referring to specifically is Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant found in red produce such as tomatoes and tomato products, watermelon, and pink grapefruit.

Studies have shown Lycopene has a very beneficial effect for human health, by being able to help lower blood pressure. It’s also a very powerful antioxidants, by preventing damage done by free radicals, especially to your arteries and blood vessels.4

Ingesting Lycopene can help protect against cardiovascular disease, as well as increase general health.5 Lycopene has also been demonstrated to be able to lower blood cholesterol, adding to the beneficial effect it has on cardiovascular health.4

The Major Problem
Eating lots of vegetables and fruits that are high natural antioxidants is great for your health.3

Unfortunately, the problem with food is that you have to eat a LOT of it to get enough dosage and variety of antioxidants you’ll need. Secondly, most foods these days, even the “organic” ones, are lacking in the nutrients that was once available decades and centuries ago.

Now, the major problem here is that the fiber content in lycopene-rich foods, such as tomatoes, interferes with lycopene absorption and bioavailability.6,7 That’s where supplementation comes in to help fix this problem.

In fact, in a clinical study where Lycopene extract (5% Lycopersicon Esculentum) was given to patients, there was a significant reduction in blood pressure during an 8 week trial (-10/-4 mmHg), while no changes in blood pressure were observed during the placebo “non-user” period.8

Eating tomatoes usually does not break open the seeds, so the Lycopene naturally found in tomatoes is not very useful for human health. Not to mention, you’d also have to eat many pounds of tomatoes daily to absorb the required amount of Lycopene that’s clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

One thing to remember is you never want to use only ONE ingredient to achieve a health goal. This is because your body will quickly adapt and the ingredient will stop working.

This means you’ll need to use a higher and higher dosage — which will eventually lead to negative side-effects.

Of course, this makes sense because you don’t only eat ONE type of vegetable (broccoli) all the time for total health, right?…

Additionally, whatever is causing the health problem – in this case, “high blood pressure”, is NEVER from only ONE cause — it’s usually multiple reasons.

And that’s why you want to “attack” the problem using multiple mechanisms.

Research has shown that Lycopene extract works much better, when utilized with other complementary ingredients, for dramatically improved blood pressure and total heart-health.

Clinically proven ingredients to use with Lycopene extract is:
Magnesium “blend” (glycinate, malate, citrate, etc.)
English Hawthorn Berry Extracts (standardized to 3.2% vitexin-2-rhamnosides and 2% flavonoids)
Grape Seed Extract (MegaNatural®-BP 85% Total Phenolics)
Celery Seed Extract (85% 3nB; 42.5% phthalides)
Pomegranate Extract (5:1)
L-Arginine (L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate)

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