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10 Outstanding Characteristic Of A Deaconess

The word ‘’Deacon ‘’is gotten from the Greek word ‘diakonos’ which simply means a servant or a helper.

Is the office in the church handle by a true vine woman who dedicates her time into serving, teaching and missionary work, She cares for the need of the congregation .They provide pastoral care especially for other women .They are ministers and administrators.

Deacons and deaconess have higher responsibilities and accountability to God.
• Always available to serve congregation.
• Attend to sick and convalescent person.
• To be an intercessor for the people (in prayer).
• To be a helping hand to the people.
• To teach and to direct.
• To provide every necessary attention to all duties concerning the people.

The word was been ministered to the people by the apostles and they were so carried away by assignment to teach the people while neglecting the physical needs of the people, neglecting the widows. They can’t forsake the word as apostle and start serving tables so therefore they choose the office of a deacon or deaconess who will attend to the physical needs of the people. According to (Act 6:1-6).


She Must Be Married: she must be legally joined to man who she sees as her husband as a true vine and as a virtuous mother to her generation. She must be under a leadership, an authority in her home when she answers to as a woman of integrity, (Eph. 5:22).
She Must Be Spirit-Filled: Her life, actions and decision should be controlled and directed by the spirit of God. Everything about her should reflect the true spirit of God in her, that when they see her, they see Christ, (Act 6:3).
She Must Be Humble: The quality of humility should be her person, she must be humble to core, ready to serve both the young and the old, the rich and the poor without discrimination in heart or action, it should be her lifestyle,(mark 10:42-45).
She Must Be Of Honest Reputation: A two face person or a double tongue quality can’t be found in a deaconess, she must be straight forward in everything, her yes is her yes and her no is her no in dealing with men in all matters of life. People should be able to testify even in her absence that honesty is her watch word, (pro 22:1).
She Must Be Filled With Wisdom: According to word of God “wisdom is profitable to direct”. Wisdom should be her company, always thinks before she acts, talk and make great decisions. Wisdom should be her guard in handling most tough losses that can’t be solved merely, (Act 6:3) (pro 5:33).
She Must Be Dedicated: Dedication is giving your time to something in totality, so she must be available for all duties and ready to devote all her time to the people and to duties always. Just as Jesus was dedicated to the duties of serving his disciple despite his great personality, (Luke 13:12-15).
She Must Be High Sensitive: As a deaconess she should be able to identify where there is a problem or improvement in the church or society even among the people, she should be able to see ahead of time before the people, nothing is common in her sight but very sensitive to all situations, (Luke 2:36-38).
She Must Be Worded: The word of thy lord should not depart out of her mouth and heart, she should eat, digest and be satisfied with the word, she should know and observe the word to guide her heart because out of it flows the issues of life and also to give light to her path and to direct her step to becoming successful. [Josh. 1:8].
She Must Be A Home-Manager: She should be able to manage the affairs of her home without interference. Mothers are builders of their homes so therefore is her major duty to build not just her home, family, friends but also others around her. She must be able to manage her family, work, time and her duties as deaconess efficiently. [Pro.31:10-31].
She Must Be Accommodating: She listens more and talk less. People should be comfortable around her always , she listens to the concern of the people and answer all questions .She makes those around her feels important and worth her time ,compassion and care.[Acts 9:36-41].

1. She must be faithful
2. She must not be given to wine
3. She must be moral dealing with the opposite sex
4. She must be dignified
5. She must be temperate
6. She must not be greedy or self-centred.
NB: Not just deacons/deaconess are called to serve but is the sole responsibilities of everyone to serve in one way or the other because we are all called to do so.

Basically the major role of a deaconess is to serve at all times but they are dignified persons with honourable and rewarding calling/office met to be respected. So therefore work to keep a good reputation, a great name through humble services. [1Tim.6:12].

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