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Magic Shaving Powder, Uses And Side Effects.

Just like the name goes, the wonders of magic shaving powder can’t be overestimated.    Trusted by African American men since over a decade now to answer to their hair removal processes as it removes unwanted hairs. Hair removal creams dissolve the protein structure or keratin of hair so it separates from the skin.
Since the cause of bumps was attributed to the use of razors, men have thought about an alternative when it comes to shaving. At this time, what comes to mind is a hair removal cream which takes less professional skill to carryout.
The reliability and effectiveness of hair removal products have left most men in doubt as most hair removal products (also known as depilatory) don’t provide effective results as specified in their containers.
Unlike the razor that requires professional skill or the shaving cream that needs to be applied after the use of a razor, Magic shaving powder works independently of these two as it is neither a razor, shaving cream but a razor-less shaving system.

 How To Use Magic Shaving Powder

Before using any product especially a skin product, it is advised to read the manufacturer’s manual to avoid skin damage and other dermatological conditions.
1. Before the use of Magic shaving powder for the first time, a skin patch test is done for 36 hours to ascertain if skin is allergic to it or not and if no irritation, one is good to go.
2. It is best to first warm the area to be treated with a soft washcloth so as to open skin pores and allow effective penetration of products.
3. The face can also be washed thoroughly with plain soap-less water and patted dry before the application of Magic shaving powder to avoid irritation or burning sensation.
4. About two teaspoonful of Magic shaving powder can be added to a shaving container or mug with an equal amount of water placed at room temperature. Both are then mixed together to attain a creamy consistency.
5. A shaving brush or the use of the fingertips can be conveniently used to apply Magic shaving powder over the area that needs to be treated in an even layer.
6. Solution is left to stay for about 5-15 minutes before washing off. Washcloth can also be used to rub off cream along with the hair.


One of the active ingredients of Magic shaving powder is Thioglycolate carbonate which may cause skin irritation depending on one’s skin type which is the reason a test on a patch of skin is done before using this product.
Unlike some other shaving powders, this Magic shaving powder contains many chemical and organic ingredients which makes it suitable for different skin types.
INGREDIENTS; citronellol, butylphenyl methylpropional, corn starch/zea mays, calcium carbonate, calcium thioglycate, calcium hydroxide, castor seed oil, olea europea oil, cocos nucifera oil, jojoba oil, canola oil, eugenol , parfum, tocopheryl acetate, apricot kernel oil, aloe barbadensis extract, benzyl benzoate, isomethyl lonone, quinidine carbonate, polysorbate 21.

Side Effects Of Magic Shaving Powder

Someone might ask “after all the wonders said about magic shaving powder, can it still have a negative effect on one’s skin”. But the answer is yes. All chemical products have adverse reactions which affects 10 in 100 users.
Nonetheless, these side effects doesn’t make the products bad, less effective or unusable.
1. Its benzyl benzoate content can cause skin irritation.
2. Burning or stinging sensation.
3. It reveals dark spots, scars and other skin blemishes.
4. Increased sweating.
5. Swelling of the face.
6. Itching or rash of the skin and scalp.
7. Dry and scaly skin; Redness around the hair follicles.
8. Unpleasant smell as a result of its sulphur content which can linger on for several hours.


• Avoid contact with eyes as it can cause serious eye damage or injury.
• Do not use on an inflamed skin.
• Do not use after prolonged sun/heat exposure.
• Skin sensitivity test must be performed before use.
• For external use only.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Keep container tightly capped after use.

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