Powerful prayer for a cheating husband

Often time marriage bonds seems is diminish sometimes as a result of lack of understanding, communication in trust between partner. What a man fail to understand is that wife could be job stress or in some emotional distress. Husband fail to understand the mood of their wives caring for the children and managing work stress can sometimes divert the woman attention from her husband. What a man needs to do at time is encourage her, understand her and try being a help mate.
A husband should understand that stress can quench a woman appetite for sex in romance. Relieving her of some home choice can be the medicine she needs.
There is no pain in wound deeper than one course by a cheating husband. A woman can endure everything with patience but the scars of a promiscuous husband takes the grace of God to heal. At this point is to go down on your kneel to pray.

Who is a husband
A husband is regarded as the spouse or a male in a marital relationship. A husband is a father

Four ways to secure your husband from cheating
1. You must be prayerful
1. Understand your husband
3. Don’t be jealous, be better
4. You must be submissive to your husband
Powerful prayer point to secure your husband
1. Father I thank you for the life of my husband today because I know that you are mighty to save him for me
2. Father, let your spirit make my cheating husband stop
3. Lord deliver my husband and marriage from the evil ones
4. I pray for grace to sustain us in unity
5. Father I pray peace in my marriage

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