Many times, we can excuse the actions of an unapologetic cheating husband, relaxed on convictions which pacifies his infidelity. It can be resolved that husbands cheat, out of their own lust. But the spiritually enlightened would observe that there’s a foul spirit behind the deeds of the cheating husband and why it’s hard for him to leave his lascivious lifestyle. This same spirit was at work in the story of Delilah and Samson, which brought to the abrupt end of his life’s purpose and destiny. (Judges 16).

Cheating has resulted to calamitous crash of marriages, family lives, careers, finance, more children born out of wedlock and even to murder in some cases by the embittered house wife. But you don’t have to tail that path, because you can give your burdens to the one who cares, Jesus.

When is He a Cheating Husband?

Man Cheating

The cheating husband is in levels:
• Discreet and Sneaky
• One-night stander opportunist
• Runaway, unrepentant cheater

An unapologetic cheater is as good as lost to the other woman, but his redemption is never too late.
Cheating may begin as a casual fling but in a short period, will metamorphose into a spiritual bond or soul tie. And the spirit of seduction at work takes charge of its helpless victim: The Cheating Man.


woman praying
woman praying

When men slept at night, the Devil came and sowed seeds (Matt 13:25). These seeds are the lustful cravings for the strange woman, using the man’s sense of sight, feel and taste. This wicked but yet very subtle spirit has come to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Glory to God that victory is assured in Christ.

7 Powerful Prayer Points of Deliverance to Redeem the Cheating Husband

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Here are powerful prayers of deliverance that could turn the tide, return your husband’s heart to God and heal all your wounds and distress.

1. Father, I thank you for the life of my husband today. Because I know that you are mighty to save, and only you can give him complete restoration. (Zephaniah 3:17)

2. Father, I thank you for bringing to subjection, every spirit of lust and strongholds in high places that may have held him in bonds and chains of lust (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

3. Father in Jesus Name, deliver my husband from every enchantment, divination and spells that have held him bound to the strange woman. (Numbers 23:23).

4. Father in Jesus Name, I stand on your word, according to Mark 10:9. What, therefore God has joined together, let no Man put asunder. And so therefore, whatever has refused sleep just to see my marriage destroyed, reply them with your verdict.

5. Jesus breath into my marriage, your peace that transcends all understanding and let this upsurge against my marriage cease. (Mark 4:39).

6. Lord Jesus, reveal yourself to him and let him come to know you as his Lord, let him have an encounter that will leave him wanting for more.

7. Lord Jesus, I thank you because of the victory, glory unto you for my marriage is restored.

You can continue this prayer, with fasting, and in a matter of days, you’ll see the dramatic remorseful, return of your husband to your warm embrace.

woman praying for cheating husband

Deliverance for the Cheating Husband is Very Possible with Jesus.

Do you think your case is too hard, do you feel you’ve lost your man forever? Let us hear it so that we may join our faith in prayers to restore the cheating husband to a loving husband and father. Your testimony awaits you. Don’t forget to share, so others may be encouraged.