Its obvious young men of this century poses a great concern about their good looks, so therefore, things of great influence to their looks is placed on almost priority.

Magic Shaving powder/depilatory is a chemical preparation that helps in the easy removal of hairs. It is widely used in this new era, widely replacing the shaving stick which leaves an effect of bumps.

The use of magic shaving powder/depilatory achieves three (3) effects;

  • Lubricates the cutting process,
  • Swells keratin,
  • Desensitizes skin.
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The first form of shaving powder/depilatory was recorded in SUMER around 3000 BC. The substance was prepared with WOOD ALKALI and ANIMAL FAT.

The first can of pressurized shaving powder was introduced in 1949, which was RISE SHAVING CREAM. By the following decades this format attained two-third of the American market.

In 1970’s the gel form was produced. 1993 the post-foaming gel was produced by the PROCTER AND GAMBLE company.


Magic Shaving powder/depilatory as stated is a chemical preparation which is made from the listed solutions;

  • Glycerin(C6H8O3), it is valuable to it because it adds moisture to the skin but has an adverse effect of allergy to the skin.
  • Palmitic acid(C16H32O2), it is found in fat and gives it a gel texture.
  • Water,
  • Tri-ethanol amine(C6H12NO3), its is an oily liquid that acts as an emulsifier and a Surfactant.

An Emulsifier- it prevents liquid from separating.

A Surfactant- it reduces surface tension of liquid.

  • Stearic Acid- it is a fatty compound from glycerin and it acts as a thickener. It has a molecular weight of 284.477g/mol.


GILLETTE MULTI-NATIONAL COMPANY. They are responsible for the production of safety shaving razors and products.


  • 3 x Carson Magic Depilatory Powder,
  • Magic- Red-Depilatory Powder,
  • Magic- Blue-Depilatory Powder etc.



Of course, they’ve been multiple benefits of using shaving powder/depilatory since it was traced down to 3000BC when it was first recorded used.

It offers great benefits more than dry shaving that’s why it trended as fast, although not easy to get right.

In this article you will find out more about the benefits of a magic shaving powder/depilatory.

  1. It provides a smooth, close and gentle shave thereby;
  • Reducing cuts: it causes a moisturizing and softening effect on your skin when applied on, thereby causing a reduction in the pressure to be applied on getting a clean shave.
  • Reducing razor burns: it acts as a thin layer that prevents the razor from cutting the top layer of the skin thereby reducing irritation, unlike dry skin shaving that have an adverse risk of cutting the top layer of the skin though might not cause a bleeding.
  • Raising the hair: you apply a magic shaving powder/depilatory in the opposite direction of the face or skin where the hair presses against the surface. This therefore, makes it easy to attain a clean and smooth shave as compared to when it is held on or pressed to your skin.
  1. It causes a certain kind of nourishment to the skin; as well known, it is most known that magic shaving powder helps to achieve a clean and smooth shave but, they are more to it than meet the eyes because every shaving powder product have its unique nutrients which helps to nourish the skin with health and vitality and as well as, its hair follicles.
  2. It gives a very pleasing and attractive fragrance after every shave;

Not just good looks and nourishment, it as well gives a certain confidence to head out immediately after shave because, each shaving powder product provide a pleasing fragrance after shave.



They are certain ingredient contained in a magic shaving powder/depilatory that you don’t know about and are harmful to the health of the skin as well as the hair follicle. Of course, if you were told, you wouldn’t patronize the product so to the producers its best kept in the book.

For decades now, its been a trending and God sent product that is very common in the bathroom of most homes. But, what most people don’t know is what’s behind the scene of production, which are the makeups and the negative aspects to shaving with these products.

  • Magic Shaving powder contains surfactant chemicals;

Talking about surfactant, they are designed to reduce tension between surfaces which also means that they make it difficult for hydrating compounds to penetrate the skin.

Basically, the longer your skin is exposed these chemicals which displace hydrating compounds, the harder it becomes for your skin to hydrate itself thereby, causing drying of skin and fast aging.

  • It contains propylene glycol;

It has been discovered to cause severe skin irritation and allergies. It has been further proven that constant exposure would lead to eczema and asthma. Some further studies have linked it to kidney abnormalities.

It is known that the main manufactured reasons for the chemical is as a break fluid and antifreeze, so its nothing to play with more or less, apply on the skin.

  • It contains mineral oils;

Though not really most Harmful of them all of the ingredients but is found to clog pores, and cause increase of skin irritation. It also has been further proven that it encourages skin close-up, therefore making it difficult for the natural release of toxins, leading to increased infection and acne breakouts.

  • They are not environmentally friendly;

It is obvious that the number of usages of a magic shaving powder/depilatory in a can is very small thereby causing the great number of cans to be used by an individual in a short while. This means that they are a greater number of cans in the environment they by causing a great number of carcinogens in the air. Though seem to be of no influence but a great number is very detrimental to the environment.

This is what you will never be told as well by any producer of magic shaving powders/depilatories: it is advisable to go for shaving powder/depilatory with consideration to your skin sensitivity, as well as, newness to the use of it.








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