GOOD QUALITY SLEEP-The Importance Of Sleep To Health

Do I Sleep A lot Or Less?


Is Sleep vital to my health?

What is the detriment if I lack sleep?

Normally, I just sleep and wake up. I never consider it to be vital to my health. Then I came to discovered, that without quality sleep, I will have health, physical and mental issues.

Talking about sleep in general, most at times, due to so many activities we deprive ourselves from sleeping, thinking its less important and has no effect.

What Is Sleep?

It’s the relaxation of the state of mind and body, whereby in the process consciousness is been altered by limiting the ability of the body to react to stimuli. Limits voluntary muscles and every activities of the body.

Why is sleep important?
Sleep is essential to you and me because it has a lot to do with our health. Meanwhile are some of the importance of sleep to our health and growth;

• Regulates body fat
• Controls the intake of diet
• Keeps one focused and productive
• Enables one to be physically fit
• Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
• Promotes the function of the immune system
• Refreshes your mind and keeps you active

What happens when you lack sleep?

• it weakens your immune system
• increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
• slow down the function of the brain
• keeps one inactive
• loss of focus
• makes one to be unproductive

For you to achieve good quality sleep, after every days work and you feel weak, don’t restrain yourself from sleeping. Backed with good nutrition and exercise, the desired fit is achieved.

Can’t trade my sleep for anything, Yikes…..

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