10 Amazing Benefits of Water

There is saying that ” an apple a day , keeps the doctor away” to me ” a bottle of water a day, chases the doctor”

The health benefits of water cannot be over-emphasized. so, below are some ten advantages of water over minerals.

Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Drinking water helps in digestion and boosts the body metabolism and breakdown of food in the body.
  2. Relieves fatigue:

It makes the body to function effectively

3. Keeps the body fit

for those who crave for a slender look, drinking lots of water encourages weight loss. thereby, giving you that desired fit.

4. Eliminates Toxins

It sweeps out toxins and eliminates waste through sweat and urine.

5.Prevents and treat migraines and headaches.

since headaches and migraines are caused by dehydration.adequate intake of water.

6. For a healthy skin.

Replenishes the skin tissues, increases elasticity in your skin, and moisturizes the skin. it also reduces aging.

7. Regulates the boidy temperature

8. You cant live withoutr water. hence the saying “water is live”

9. Lubricates the joint

10. Drevents kidney damage

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