3 Tips on How to Take Tablets


my people, my people. heh…heh….heh

let me ask

raise your hand if you dread drugs

does it seem life the end of the world with “with tablets”

here is life saver


  1. Take plenty of water before you swallow the drug, drink a lot of water, to lubricate the throat and drink even more after swallowing for easy passage of water to the right places.
  2. Bottle method: Get a plastic bottle, fill it up with water, some prefer drinks. you can try that too. Drop the tablet ( i know its bitter), press your tightly to the bottle
  3. Try in Between Meal Here, you eat your meal half, take the pill and continue. After the meal, it is impossible for you to feel it in your throat or a slight bitterness on your tongue because the food has completely pushed in the pill.


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