Cooked Healthiest Rice-My Best Meal

Rice my favorite. Soft, tasty and nutritive kind of food. Some body said “ I can eat rice from now till tomorrow”.

It is not just any kind of rice. This one is a special delicacy. Not quantity but quality and rich in nutrient.

Are you curious?

This rice is called Jollof rice “the children’s best meal”.This is due to the fact that it is prepared in the best way with healthy sauce. It is the lowest in calories in all rice meal. 600g of Jollof rice = 592 calories.

My Jollof rice

Basically, chicken or meat and tomato sauce is used in preparing Jollof rice. The blending of tomato, pepper and scotch bonnet in the right proportion.

Vitality of Jollof Rice Socially
It is the best acceptable, affordable delicacy served in west Africa at every celebration like Christ mass, anniversaries, family meals, funerals, wedding receptions and so on.

Nutrient composition
Jollof rice is rich in carbohydrate, vitamins, calcium, folate, iron, potassium, fat, and sodium in the right proportion.

Super Benefit of Jollof Rice
1. Decrease the chances of cancer and heart problem
2. Terminate every cancer cells in the prostrate
3. Fight against painful swollen sores
4. Control and burn fat
5. Protect and enrich the heart
6. Reduce high blood pressure

How to Prepare Jollof Rice


  1. Chicken
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Onions
  4. Groundnut
  5. Maggie
  6. Salt
  7. Curry
  8. And the chief ingredient Rice


1. Wash and boil your chicken with onions, magi and salt and curry and other chicken flavours
2. Fry the chicken to become palatable
3. Blend another onions, fresh tomatoes, pepper in the right proportion
4. Put your frying pan on fire, add a little oil. when its hot, add you chooped onions.
5. After a while, add your blended sauce, and fry to a thick paste
6. Add your stock, Maggie, salt to taste
7. Parboil your rice and drain the water out to remove the starch
8. Add it to the sauce
9. Add water according to the rice
10. Allow to cook, soft and dried


When serving, add some sliced fresh tomatoes alongside with your fried chicken. Yummy…….
Jollof Rice is low in calories but other ingredients added to it, the calories increased
Action word
Don’t just eat. Know what you are taking, it goes a long way in changing every aspect of your life. Good Nutrition is the key to healthy living.

My favorite…… please join me as we enjoy the food world together.

Yeah yeah…….

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