Marital Problem Leads Pastor To Poisons Self And 2 Daughters In South Africa

A 36-year-old senior pastor, Precocious Mpofu, of Eagle Life Assembly has just poisoned his 11-year-old daughter Shalom and 7-year-old Panashe and then kills himself with drainage cleaning chemical.

The late Pastor Mpofu hailed from Nkulumane in Zimbabwe and committed this act in his Yeoville Johannesburg home in South Africa. It was further reported that the deceased were buried on Saturday, October 20, in Zimbabwe same day their bodies were found.

The pastor allegedly forced his 2 daughters to drink the substance before also taking it, citing marital problems as the cause of his actions. This act took place shortly after his wife Ms Chido Chipangura separated from him.

South African Pastor Precocious Mpofu. A family member disclosed “As a family we are very sad. We have lost two children and we are still in mourning. We thank the family, friends and neighbours for their support at this time.”

Father of the deceased also revealed that: “I was reliably informed by residents at his apartment that they saw him carrying each of the daughters on his shoulders into their flat at around 2pm. At 2:40pm he sent his sister here in Bulawayo a WhatsApp message saying one of his daughters, Shalom, had died. Exactly 10 minutes later, he sent another message saying his second daughter had also passed on.

This baffled his sister who was trying to call him to understand what exactly he was trying to say. Ms Chipangura hastened to the flat only to find three bodies. The kids’ bodies were neatly laid in bed between blankets while Precocious’ body was on the floor.”

While the pastor’s body was recovered in his home, family members also came across the note he had written before his death. Late Mpofu’s father disclosed that his son had earlier told him that he was being trailed by four men that he named in his suicide note.

He said his son also listed the four men’s phone numbers. Sipho said he used to hear rumours that his son and his daughter-in-law were having marital problems.

The deceased’s mother, Sibangani Mpofu said that, her son was texting his sister strange messages giving directives on how his properties should be distributed. He ordered his sister to sell his car in South Africa and give the money to his parents to fund a huge task that is on the way.

She said: “It’s like he had purposed everything and shared his assets. In his numerous texts, he mentioned that his wife should never set foot at this family home. It means he meant she shouldn’t attend this funeral I guess.”

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