Nigerian Government Issues Licence for Gold Refining

        On Monday the Federal Government announced that the country would soon commence the refining of gold.

As it had issued the first gold refining licence to a firm known as Kian Smith Limited.

Accordingng to Senator Udo Udoma, Minister of Budget and National Planning, the Federal Government will also commence the purchase of gold from local refiners.

He also said he is happy to report that the first gold refining licence has been issued to a company called Kian Smith Limited, Indeed, the Federal Government is finalising modalities to purchase gold from local refineries via a Federal Gold Reserve Scheme.

He further explained that the government conducted sector-specific focus labs, with the objective of addressing issues investors might face in setting up projects in Nigeria.

He further stated that during the labs, investors interested in agriculture were assisted to obtain farming land from some state governments, adding that a local automobile assembly in Imo State.

Commenting on the theme of this year’s economic summit, ‘Poverty to Prosperity’ Udoma stated that it had provided another opportunity for the government to examine the progress being made in the achievement of the programmes, policies and objectives of the ERGP.


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