Principal Who Flogged Female Corps Member, Apologizes

The Principal of Government Technical College, Abak, Akwa Ibom State Friday Udoaka, has apologized for flogging Olaitan Adeola Kolawole, a female corps member in the school.

Udoaka expressed his regret over his actions at the NYSC state office, in Uyo yesterday. He said he did not flog Kolawole deliberately, noting that he used the cane on her out of anger. The victim was alleged to have written the name of her friend, Dolapo Victoria in the attendance register of the school on Friday, October 19, 2018, when Dolapo was absent.

The principal who just has three years to retire from service was said to have flogged Kolawole for the “misdemeanour” and dragged her outside the classroom in front of the students.

“No man is perfect, I have not beaten a corps member before. I am very sorry for using a cane on a corper. Adeola, I am very sorry for what happened. When I went back home, I felt bad for beating a woman. It is not true that I dragged the corper out of my office and flogged her before the students.

This is a man that behaves like a father, but I don’t know what happened that I behaved rudely with you. Please forgive me. The mistake will not repeat itself. Whatever is the cost of your treatment, I will bear the cost,” he said most remorsefully.

Responding, Miss Kolawole said she had no reason not to accept the apology of an Elder saying, “For an elder to apologize for his mistake, I forgive him. I accept his apology.

My parents wanted to take up the matter, but I will talk to them not to pursue the case as they wanted”. The Commissioner for Education, Victor Inoka, who was also at the ‘reconciliation meeting’, made a personal donation of N50,000 to the corps member, for her treatment.

NYSC Coordinator, Amusu Julius, said he was writing his report on the occurrence to brief the Corps Directorate, but had to halt because the Commissioner for Education asked that a reconciliation be arranged between the parties involved.

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How will i know who he was talking to?

How will i know who he was talking to? Shebi i was just trying to...

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Somebody should help o. What are they celebrating? I thought it was “Ikomo” o.😶😶

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This bros wanto scam BM because of woman

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