Six Deadly Effects of Cold Water

Just imagine working under the scorching sun, so unpleasant and am asking for warm water. Impossible.

As in at this time, I needed a cold water to quench my thirst. So, I go for cold one. Don’t forget the saying” sweet things na dey kill”. Cold water
Having only running water without heat or utility service provided a depreciation of something as being ill advised unwarranted or worthless ascribed to be dangerous.

Side effects of cold water

1. Affects the veins of the heart and promotes heart attack
Cold water is dangerous at old age and it’s the main reason behind the heart attack which makes it unhealthy.

2. Slows down digestion
Due to cold water most food are difficult to break down for digestion. it affects the large intestine in the body and also walls of the stomach which contribute digestion.

3. Promotes stomach disorder
Leads to severe stomach upset, nausea, abdominal pain. It slows down the process of food efficiently.
4. Reduce heartbeat rate
Slows down the pumping rate of the heart which contribute to difficulty in breathing.

5. Promotes body fat
It clotts the fat together and made it solid in the body causing blockage in the blood stream which causes cardiac arrest

6. Boosts blood pressure
Cold water increase blood pressure but in summer it decreases. so cold water when administered to the body changes the body system which boost up the blood pressure which is dangerous.

Avoid cold water, be it young or old, because cold water is deadly.

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Wo!, I cannot come and kill myself, to keep fit is not by force!
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