6 Nutritional Values of Organic Food

Organic Food

Organic agricultural products grown and processed with natural fertilizers( manure, compost).

In this case, weeds are controlled naturally by means of hand weeding, mulching, crop rotation and tilling.

Pest are also controlled through natural methods insect, birds, traps and also through naturally derived pesticides.

Livestock in organic farming are given organic and GMO free feed diseases are controlled with natural methods like healthy diet, rotational grazing.

Advantages of Organic Food

They have more advantageous nutrients such as antioxidant. The conventionally grown food that comes with allergies, chemicals or preservatives.

1. Less pesticides.

2. Usually fresher than the conventionally grown food because of the absence of preservatives. it also prolongs the durability/lifespan.

3. Beneficial to the environment : This practice reduce pollution, soil erosion, conserve water, increase fertility and consumes less energy.

4. Livestock raised organically are not given antibiotics, or fed animal byproduct/waste.

5. Milk and meat gotten organically are richer in some certain nutrient.

6. GMO ( genetically modified organism)/ GE (genetically engineered) free.

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