Life Span Prediction Now Possible

It is normal for every human to dread death. Nobody desires to age talk more of die.
Breakthrough as scientist has now been able to predict the human life span by studying the genetic variation in the human gene, responsible for the undodgeable aging process.

Humans have undergone so many trial ranging from nutritional suggestions, change in life style. In all, the genes contribute in the prediction of lifespan.


They’ve been able to estimate how long humans are expected to live, also advance in scientific understanding of the disease and cellular pathways involved in aging.

These findings where presented at the American society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2018 Annual meeting in San Diego.

With this genetic variations can tell will live longer. Paul Timmers, a graduate student at the university of Edinburgh, UK, who is the first author this finding, presented this study at the conference.

In order to ascertain the genetic factor that determines who lives longer, they matched Genetic data on over half a million with information on the lifespan of their parents individually.

This opened to the researcher and his team, the statistical effects of individual gene. They confirmed six genetic associations with aging already discovered.

Timmers and his research team unmasked 21 novel genetic locations that connects or links to a person’s life span. With this they developed a polygenic score that predicted a person’s survival.

This score correctly predicted lifespan “deciles of expectation of life with a difference of more than five years from top to bottom deciles”.

Below in Timmers words:

“Using a person’s Genetic information alone, we can identify the 10% of people with the most protective genes, who will live an average of 5 years longer than the last protected 10%”


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