Ministry of Science Releases 1 Chicken breed and 19 High Yield Crop Varieties

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology made headlines from the recent scientific breakthrough, with the release of 19 new high yield crop varieties and 1 new chicken breed. To enhance agriculture in Nigeria.

The National Variety Release Committee (NVRC) approved the release at its 26th meeting held at the National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB), Ibadan.

The Registrar and Chief Executive of NACGRAB, Dr Sunday Aladele, revealed this recently in Ibadan that an indigenous chicken (FUNAAB Alpha chicken) was also approved for registration and release.

Aladele said the chicken breed submitted by Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) was a dual purpose (egg and meat) livestock breed called FUNAAB Alpha chicken.

Sunday Aladele

The Registrar said the chicken breed had improved performance characteristics such as body weight, egg weight, and survivability, exceeding those of existing local chickens in Nigeria markets.

He said the chairman of the NVRC, Chief Oladosu Awoyemi announced the release of the 19 crops out of 21 varieties submitted for consideration; and the livestock breed, during the meeting at NACGRAB.


Aladele added that the 19 crop varieties included one soybean (SC-SL01), five maize hybrids (P4226, P3966, P4063, WE3205and DKB350) and two maize varieties (AMANA-1 and AMANA – 2).

He also said others were, one sweet potato variety (Solo Gold); three groundnut varieties (SAMNUT 27, SAMNUT 28 and SAMNUT 29); and three sorghum varieties (SAMSORG 47, SAMSORG 48 and SAMSORG 49).

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