Simple Ways For Persons To Loose Weight

Am i fat?

How can i have a good fit without stress?

Who is Obese?  

A person with excess (increased Adipose tissues) fat in the body.

These days obesity is becoming alarming because when a person is obsessed it gives room for other health issues like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

But when you reduce in weight these risks are reduced

Comfortable Ways for my Fitness

  1. Set a target:

Know what you want and how you want it. Don’t just have dreams, make them realistic. Don’t have the believe of loosing 10 pounds a week because majorly it is 1-2 pounds a person can loose in a week.

2. Set your mind:

Be ready for anything, when into reducing your weight put all of your mind. there should be no doubt of doing this if not no result will be achieved

3. Don’t rush it:

Don’t start over working your self in exercise and eat less but cut down all meals to the extreme because that will lead to failure. Start slowly. You cut down your food little by little and exercise moderately. The more you increase the more you cut down your in take.

4. Check for BMI (Body Mass Index):

Go for this check up to know your body weight which is determined by your intake of food. lets say your BMI is 25-29% and you are to take 1000 gram in a day normally, you cut your intake below 1000-900 or 850 gram which will help you.

5. Seek the dietitian:

See your dietitian for more checkup, prescription, advice  and contribution to your health so that your method will be accurate. To also know if you are healthy enough to go for this.

6. Exercise: Make exercise part of your daily routine, increase your time of exercise daily. Exercise is good for you and me, working around your compound for 30 minutes or more, jogging , skimping, strength training(stretching and lifting weights), it may be difficult but it will help you.


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Wo!, I cannot come and kill myself

Wo!, I cannot come and kill myself, to keep fit is not by force!
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