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The Silent Killer- Cholesterol

Have you heard of cholesterol before?

Cholesterol are congeal oil just like waxy in the body which is produce by the liver.

Its vital in the body due to the facts  that it supplies vitamin d,hormones ,and biles which aid digestions.

Meanwhile excessive intake of cholesterol promotes heart and circulatory  disease.

Is divided into

  • LDL[low density lipoprotein]: is also known as bad cholesterol, it’s simply unhealthy for the body. Its promotes and deposit in walls of the arteries.

FUNCTIONS OF LDL[Low Density Lipoprotein]

Well, here are some functions below:

  1. They are accumulates in the walls of the arteries.
  2. Increase the possibilities of heart diseases.
  3. Boost cardiac arrest
  4. Promotes fat in the body.
  • HDL[High density lipoprotein]: Is also known as good cholesterol because its healthy and protective .They return every cholesterol in the body to process and excretes.

FUNCTIONS OF HDL[High Density Lipoprotein]

  1. Fights against heart disease
  2. Hinders it bad cholesterol from developing .
  3. Fights against bad cholesterol.

Examples of Cholesterol

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

NOTE: Not all are  gotten from our diets, the liver produces some of it.

CONCLUSION: Let’s try to eat foods that promotes good cholesterol in the body. Both slim and fat persons also have cholesterol in their body. What matters is how you manage it.

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