Why You are Afraid Of Numbers (Numerophobia)

When it comes to numbers, I think I develop temporary fever. 1+1 to me is further math equation.

That is when I remember ‘oh maybe it’s the coconut water I used to drink, that is making it impossible for me to comprehend ( myth)’’

Or, my ancestors punishing me for something I did.

In short, Numerophobia.

Numerophobia or Arithmophobia

Is the exaggerated, constant and often irrational fear of numbers. It is simply put, the fear of dealing with numbers.


1. It can be drawn from early beginnings when man was first introduced to keeping time, calculating and maintaining calendars and using numerical systems.
2. Upbringing
3. Possibility of genetic and hereditary factors in play
4. External experience


1. Rapid breathing
2. Excessive sweating
3. Dry mouth
4. Shortness of breath
5. Nausea
6. Irritability
7. Lack of focus
8. Confusion/inability to comprehend
9. Feelings of powerlessness
10. Fear of the feeling s of losing control
11. Shaking
12. Obsession with the suspect of phobia
13. Headache
14. Avoidance behavior

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
2. In Vivo exposure
3. Habit strategy to relax
4. Meditation
5. Response prevention
6. Hypnotherapy
7. Cognitive therapy(CT)
8. Psychotherapy
9. Energy psycho therapy
10. Group therapy

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