Common Disturbing Infection: Malaria


Yes very common, effective dangerous infection. Is an infection of the blood by mosquito which causes cold and fever.

How it occurs;
The mosquito sucks up the blood of an infected person (malaria parasite) and inject them into the next persons it bites.

Early signs
1. Cold
2. Weakness
3. Headache

Later signs
1. Cold
2. Fever
3. Weakness and sometime delirious

Advanced signs
1. High temperature
2. Sweating profusely

How to Avoid malaria

It has been observed that it is frequent during raining season and more often during summer time.

1. Prevent keeping of stagnant water around your home
2. Clear every breed water that is not flowing and make every where dry
3. When you notice signs of malaria, get medication immediately and it wont spread.
4. Protect your homes from mosquito by shutting doors and windows at the right time
5. Practice hygiene

Go to the hospital direct for treatment when infected.

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