This is one type of disease everyone watch out for due to the fact that its a communicable disease.

One of the major cause of death worldwide;

• It easily affects patients with HIV due to their immune system.
• Majority of those contacted with TB are HIV positive patients
• Is the major killer of HIV patient.
• It also affect children..
• Through diagnosis and treatment of TB patients can be saved.


Is a disease that affect the lungs often which is caused by bacteria called Myco-bacterium tuberculosis.

Is communicable disease [easily spread]from one to another through inhaling of some of the germs into lungs introduce into the air by TB sneeze, cough or spit.

Most times people with latent tuberculosis can live without knowing they have contacted it and they cant also transmit it. But there is every possibility of them falling ill of TB.

Although immune system differs ,so it all depends on how strong their immune system is.What promote it to cause people to fall ill is the HIV, in –take of tobacco,diabetes and malnutrition.

When persons contact this disease the symptoms might be mild at the beginning which might not come to their thinking that is TB and will delay treatment.

Most Affected

HIV Patients
Those taking tobacco

• Chest pains
• Fever
• Night sweats
• Cough with sputum and blood at times.

(Active drug –susceptible disease)is applied into 6 standard course of 4 anti –microbial drugs that are provided with supervisors, supports and information to the infected by a healthy practitioner or a trained volunteer.

Without this administration , it will become adverse and will spread easily .

TB is treatable and curable, through of medicines (drugs) properly according to instruction most times has been saved.


To reduce death ;
• Once ,you notice as symptoms that doesn’t go well with you ,see your doctor .
• Always go for check up
• Identification of infected persons.
• Separation of the infected from non-infected persons.
• Avoid self –doctor and administration based on instinct.

It’s a disease no one prays for ,but in order not to be infected prevent.

its cheap and better than cure, but when infected quickly go for check up.

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