Health Reasons Why Your Child’s Backpack Needs Changing

Backpacks can be helpful as one can carry more items to and fro school compared to purse, shoulder bag and messenger bag.

The weight of the bag may not be a problem if worn correctly, because this weight runs and is felt all across the body, with reduced possibilities for neck injuries.

They can cause muscle strain, joints and back pain when too heavy.


1. It can result to back pain as it changes their sitting posture.
2. Children who wear their back pack on one shoulder may end up leaning to one side which might result to lower and upper back pain and strain their shoulders and neck.
3. Leads to bad walking and sitting posture
4. Backpack with narrow straps that digs deep into the shoulders can obstruct the circulation of and nerves.
5. It can lead to tingling, numbness and weakness in the arm.


1. Get your child a light weight pack
2. The shoulder straps should be two and wide
3. It should be a padded bag for increased comfort
4. The backpack should have a waist belt. This will distribute the weight evenly
5. Multiple compartments in the bag will also circulate the weight around the pack.

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