Hidden Truths about Honey

1. Energy drink:
With just 17 grams of carbohydrate per tablespoon, honey is a great source of all natural energy. Being a natural unprocessed sugar, fructose and glucose directly enters the bloodstream and boosts the energy.

2. It suppresses cough
For that stubborn cough, two table spoon of honey is more than enough to suppress the cough.

3. Works for dandruff
Honey diluted with 10% of warm water, applied on the areas where dandruff persists. Leave for three hours, then rinse.

The result is magical itch relief, no scaling in a space of a week. Also help revitalize and restore hair loss.

4. Memory Boost
It helps to prevent cellular damage and brain loss. It aids the body in absorbing calcium.

5. It contains enough anti-oxidants.This is organic acid and phenolic compound like flavonoids. Scientists trust that these two empowers the anti-oxidants in the honey. Help in the reduction of blood pressure.

6. Heals wounds and burns:
It is effective in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, which could lead to amputation. This is because of it’s anti-bacterial and inflammatory effects, ability to nourish the surrounding tissue.

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