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Medical Explanations For Yawning

Have you ever wondered why we yawn and why it is easily contagious.

Yawning can be said to be an involuntary action where the mouth is opened wide, takes in a lot of air into the lungs. Am sure you must be yawning now. Even with the thought of it.

1. Yawning is a response to fatigue or lack of stimulation.
2. Babies yawn even in the womb.
3. Yawning is contagious.
4. It can be used as a medium of communication. Such as boredom
5. Animals also yawn contagiously

even animals yawn

Why we need to yawn
1. Yawning helps to provide a fresh supply of oxygen.
2. It clears toxins out of the blood
3. Helps to cool the brain and its about 20 degree centigrade in temperature
4. It helps in communication of boredom, sleepiness and alertness.
5. There is no defined reason for the contagious nature of yawning.
6. It is harmless to yawn, but then again, too much of everything is bad.
The nerve which connects the throat and the abdomen to the brain is known as Vagus nerve, can be the reason for the excessive and uncontrollable yawning by interacting with the blood vessels. In short, vasovagal reaction. It could be sleep disorder or brain condition, sign of heart conditions like heart attack, problems with the aorta.
Contact the doctor.

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