This is the monthly discharge or bleeding in women. At age of 11-16, some girls have started having this flow, which means they are old enough to become pregnant.

Normally, periods comes once in 28 days or so and last for 3-6 days.
However, it differs among women.

Some persons experiences painful menstruation while others don’t feel a pain but just weak.

For those with menstrual pain

1. Don’t lie down or stay in one place but work. Do something light, it will help decrease the pain.
2. Days before and during your menstruation, avoid sugary things.
3. Take hot drinks or put you foot in hot water
4. Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce the pain, but don’t get used to it.
5. Eat adequate diet
6. Sleep well
7. Keep yourself clean regularly
8. Go for normal day routine

menstrual pain


• Irregular length of time between periods (though sometimes for some women it’s normal but others might be infection.
• If the bleed comes later than expected, it’s more severe and gets longer, it may be miscarriage.
• Worry or emotional upset may cause a woman to miss her period.
• Pregnancy might hinder it from coming when it should.

NB: If is your first time, don’t be scared, you’re now a woman, it’s normal. Just relax and seek your mum or any female guidance.

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