It is an intense, unending headache that comes with nausea, light and sound sensitivity.

The warning signs for possible migraines are change in hormones, certain food and drink, stress and exercise.

It usually begins in childhood, adolescent, or early adulthood.
It progresses through four stages

Stage 1: prodrome
1. Constipation
2. Food cravings
3. Frequent yawning
4. Increased thirst and urination
5. Neck stiffness
6. Mood changes and depression to euphoria

Stage 2: Aura
This could come before or during migraines. Most people experience migraine without aura.
These are symptoms of the nervous system.
There is visual disturbance of flashes of light or wavy, zigzag movement or speech disturbances.

1. Visual phenomenal:
Seeing shapes, flashes of light or bright spots.
2. Vision loss
3. Difficulty in speaking
4. Uncontrollable jerking
5. Hearing noises
6. Weakness in the face or the other parts of the body.

Stage 3: attack
Migraines could last for 72 hours if not treated.
1. Blurry vision
2. Lightedness that could be followed by fainting
3. Pain on one or both sides of the head
4. Painful feeling of throbbing or pulsing

Stage 4: post-drome
This is the final stage.
It ensues after the migraine attack. Patient might feel drained, others elate. For about 24 hours one could experience

1. Confusion
2. Dizziness
3. Sensitivity to light
4. Moodiness
5. Weakness

1. Food
2. Stress
3. Change of environment
4. Medications
5. Drinks
6. Sensory stimuli
7. Food additives

Risk factors
1. Change in hormones
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Family history

1. Abdominal problems
2. Status Migrainous
3. Chronic migraine
4. Migrainous infraction

1. Learn to cope
2. Trancutaneous Sup orbital Nerve Stimulation (t-SNS)
3. Create a consistent daily schedule
4. Exercise regularly
5. Reduce the effects of estrogen

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