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Powerful Tips On How To Succeed Without ‘Data’

            Data is one of the most essential tool when the word ‘Internet’ is mentioned. Reaching across the world through Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter e.t.c can be achieved without data.

            One who is conversant with the internet can’t underestimate the power of data through search engines. In sharing idea or sourcing for informations, decision making when it comes to data is necessary.

          There are some words that inspire confidence when you use them. “Data” is one of those words. Throw “data-driven” in front of “decision-making” and you’ll suddenly find yourself more credible.

I understand how Data identifies trends, minimizes risk and aims at better decision making.  Data is comfort, data is information and at the same time data is life. But the fixation on data has a drawback.

It is believed  that decisions made without data – aren’t strong but with data, credible results are achieved.

The reason am here for you today is to give you tips on how to succeed without data in this digital world where it is believed that data is everything.

In the late 80’s, countless of business organization existed and great success rate was recorded. Their success rate was attributed to collective individual opinion and inventory. This means in this world where data solves almost all problems, we need people to succeed without data.

You absolutely can succeed without data. But you can’t succeed without people. If your people crave data that doesn’t exist, then take inventory and see if you have other factors that will build confidence and support success.


This is the greatest tool when dealing with people in the work environment. Your team needs to work with data for easy problem solving but when data is unavailable, your trust is all they need.

Your transparency and mode of communication about how you feel and what matters to you is an essential ingredient. In decision making, be as transparent as the circumstance allows. Learn also to trust the ability of your team and give them audience in ideal generation. This creates a balance between you and your team. This will enable your team to thrive.

Go Back To History:

The appeal of data is its ability to identify patterns likely to repeat. Patterns also live in people. Relying on the advice of successful people in various past field of business can be rewarding.

The reliance on quantitative data has given qualitative data a bad name. Brandon Lewis, President of Help The Media has witnessed this, “An over-reliance on quantitative data is a mistake. ask.

Respect the opinions of people who have given their time to research and cultural values. Apply principles by team members who know what has worked and what hasn’t . Take note of what was considered and discarded. Respect it and use it to move forward. This type of data is valuable.

Have A Diversified Team:

Homogeneous groups become progressively less able to create different alternatives as noted by Professor March James. They have similar backgrounds that much can be achieved. Same ideas are always highlighted and their knowledge overlap.  choosing a diversified team changes the amount of living and breathing data in your organisation. This increases innovation and strengthens their reliance.

Create feedback loops:

Create back-end information string that will enable you always on point with human data. Start collecting data and move forward. Just because you don’t have data, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start collecting it.

Determine in advance what signals will help you know if you are on course. Find a way to collect it and analyze it moving forward. You don’t want to act without data and in the not-to-distant future.

Start taking  Data today and achieve your dream business empire. See you there.

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